Restaurants can offer beer and wine take out


Updated 3:55 pm

A sweeping new bill aimed at addressing the COVID-19 pandemic has been signed by Gov. Charlie Baker.

The bill, (H 4598), which Baker signed Friday and takes effect immediately, allows restaurants to offer take-out beer and wine, give towns more flexibility in rescheduling annual town meetings, and postpone the income tax filings from April 15 to July 15.

Establishments would only be able to sell take-out beer and wine during the Governor’s state of emergency and customers would be limited to 192 ounces of beer and 1.5 liters of wine per transaction.

The bill states that sales to people under 21 are not permitted and requires employees who are delivering orders to verify that the recipient is 21 or older. Such sales must be placed no later than the hour to which the establishment is licensed to sell alcohol or midnight — whichever time is earlier.

The bill also gives cities and towns flexible rules concerned with town meetings. The Island’s towns already have made various changes to their annual town meetings and elections.


Updated to include more information about the bill. — Ed.


  1. is there a list of restaurants that are open for take out ?
    I know we can still get pizza, and sandwiches, but I think most restaurants are closed- closed–
    Does anybody know who’s open for take out ?

    • I agree. Time to hone our cooking skills… or acquire some! Of course, this puts more people out of work. I think buying gift certificates is a safe way to still support local restaurants.

  2. I don’t understand who in their right minds wants other people cooking them food and making mix drinks at a restaurant, then wants to introduce that into their household. There is literally no way to tell what, if any, precautions a restaurant employee takes in the off work hours, then comes and makes food for the public.
    Also, with so many people out of work, is it wise to spend your money on $10 vodka tonics to go?
    Time to smarten up people. Save your money, lower your exposure rates.

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