Steamship Authority lays off more than 100

The Steamship Authority has issued a weather advisory for Wednesday. - Rich Saltzberg

Updated April 13

As the pandemic continues to take a heavy toll on ridership, the Steamship Authority has “laid off or furloughed” 114 employees including four captains, SSA spokesman Sean Driscoll told The Times Monday. 

The layoffs and furloughs breakdown as follows:

  • Administration: 8 people
  • Terminals staff: 14 people
  • Parking lot staff: 8 people
  • Reservation staff: 10 people
  • Maintenance personnel: 18 people
  • Vessels crews: 56 people (including four captains)

 Driscoll emailed Friday that he could not offer a precise number because the layoffs “are still ongoing.” On Monday he amended that to “more are possible.”

“As soon as demand picks up we will hire them back again,” SSA board chairman Jim Malkin said. “We would much prefer not to be in this position.”

Just as employees are cut, money is coming to the ferry line. 

“We are receiving money from the CARES Act, which is being distributed via the CCRTA (Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority) as the ‘designated recipient’ for Federal Transit Administration funds in the Barnstable Urbanized Area,” Driscoll wrote. He was unable to provide the sum to be received but expected to have that figure shortly. 

The long-awaited completion of the ferry line’s 2018 annual report is just around the corner, according to Driscoll.  That report covers the 2018 Steamship Authority fiscal year, which matches the calendar year. 

“The 2018 audited financials were completed by our audit firm late last year and have been posted on our website,” he emailed. “The complete 2018 annual report is in its final stages of production. We are still waiting for the 2019 audited financials to be completed and are in production on the 2019 annual report.”


  1. Steamship layoffs, Beach Road cancelled, Playhouse cancelled, Americans everyday life has been upended, the USA and every other nation has never experienced anything like this. When is the world going to hold Chinas feet to the fire? Seems like they’re getting a pass…

    • The strain of the virus in this country came here via Europe, not China. What exactly would you like the world to do, anyway? We know what happened here that made the outbreak much worse than it needed to be, but we can vote out every GOPer, come November. How you hold the responsible people accountable? Vote them out.

      • And where did the strain from Europe come from….? You can’t blame the existence of the virus on China. But we have every right to be upset with the way Chinas government handled it, just as you are upset with they way you think ours has. Also, this isn’t the first pandemic that has come out China. There are many theories to where this virus came from, but similar ones in the past have come from the loose regulations of exotic live animal wet markets in China (which are already opening back up in areas of China) Covering up and silencing doctors who tried to get the word out to protect people’s lives is not ok. Innocent people sick with the virus were locked in there homes to die. I am not a Trump supporter, but Imagine if the Trump administration silenced American doctors and the American public who tried to speak out and they mysteriously went missing or were arrested? I understand the administration hasn’t made the greatest decisions, but a lot of this is new territory. In my opinion a lot of the discrepancies that happened in the beginning of this crises that lead our leaders to feel they didn’t need to take it as seriously as they needed to, came from the advice of the WHO and reports coming out of China that were incorrect, saying there was no person to person transmission. I am a democrat and a registered independent, but I am doing my best not to politicize this tragedy. I disagree with Trump on a lot of things and I didn’t vote for him. But there are things he has been right about one regards to this pandemic and our heavy reliance on China.

    • BrianH– You ask about “holding China[‘]s feet to the fire” .
      What do you expect the world to do ?
      Many people have for years said that we can’t trust China.
      So, the United States had a high lever infectious disease expert embedded in the the Chinese CDC. — Dr Linda Quick —
      Why was she removed in July 2019? Because she dared to disagree with trump.
      Why was she not replaced ?
      We had no eyes as on china’s health clinics in November of 2019
      trump was advised in nov 2019 that a pandemic could be imminent–
      he called it a democratic hoax, said it would miraculously go away,
      and resisted all efforts to do anything about it.
      His most devout followers advised people to go out and do whatever they want. and trump hisself encouraged people to go to work even if they felt sick.
      And YOU want the world to hold China’s feet to the fire ?
      Have you noticed which country is # 1 on this issue ????
      Not #1 on containment,
      Not #1 on testing
      Not #1 on protecting health care workers
      Sorry, we are # 1 for the most cases .
      tomorrow, the nation that republicans tout as the best in the world for medical care and resist any changes to a system that rewards a few ceo’s will be the nation with the most deaths from this.
      You blame China for the failings of the united states ?
      i am sure you among those that despises people for getting benefits from the government for not planning ahead and not foreseeing the un foreseeable.
      Well, this one was foreseeable– and the trump administration did nothing to prepare

    • Why is China mysteriously culpable? Do we blame the Congolese for ebola or HIV? Do we blame Kansans for so-called Spanish flu? Why, other than racism, are you trying to hold them accountable for the historically normal progression of disease?

    • “When is the world going to hold Chinas feet to the fire?”

      Which way do you see it? Was it because of the Chinese lifestyle (eating snakes, etc.) or the way the Chinese concealed everything? Both?


      • If you are worried about a government concealing things, take a look at the United States official reaction to this.

      • Plenty of Americans eat snakes.
        If China had concealed everything the world would not know where the virus came from.

        When will Americans hold Trump’s feet to the fire for ignoring the epidemiologists in his employ on how to protect Americans.

        To paraphrase Trump’s second least favorite President:
        What virus, it’s the economy stupid.

    • The world in its past history has experienced epidemics “Like this” and worse, many times. Public Health has conquered most of the diseases that once killed humans by the thousands and millions. But they’re so far in the past that few remember them. You have to be old to remember the polio epidemics, and the “spanish” flu was over a hundred years ago.

  2. Trump was warned about the potential for a pandemic months before any plans were put in place to prevent thousands of illnesses and deaths. A decision he made because downplaying the risks was best for the stock market and hence his reelection prospects. Rather than err on the side of caution and choose to protect American lives, he chose to protect himself.When are we going to hold this narcissist’s feet to the fire? Seems like he’s getting a pass..

    • Not from me, he’s not! And most Americans agree that he’s done a worse than lousy job of getting us through this pandemic. And now he demands that everyone who visits him must have a covid-19 test beforehand. But he wants to allow the rest of us to go back to work without any such assurances. We’ll see how accountable he is to America when November comes around.

  3. China didn’t cause covid-19. It is part of the Sars family of viruses that has been with us for many years. In addition, China gave early warning in November 2019. That and other warnings were ignored. Also, the NY infection originated from Europe, not China.

    • China allows “wet markets” where bats and other wild animals mix with people and domestic animals. Then they arrested the Dr who tried to blow the whistle on it in December. Now we’re paying the price as our economy collapses and the Chinese go about their business.

    • Tiz, the link you shared claims, “Our rating: True” in bold type, the following:

      ‘Gross misjudgment’:Experts say Trump’s decision to disband pandemic team hindered coronavirus response

      “We assess that the United States and the world will remain vulnerable to the next flu pandemic or large scale outbreak of a contagious disease that could lead to massive rates of death and disability, severely affect the world economy, strain international resources, and increase calls on the United States for support,” the 2019 World Threat Assessment from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence states.

      The Trump administration has not taken significant steps to replenish the masks in the Strategic National Stockpile.

    • Tis, thank you for posting links that prove Trump’s ineptitude and mishandling of the virus in our country. We don’t need the proof, but you do. Did you know that one of the infected sailors on the Theodore Roosevelt is now dead? Why don’t you explain to yourself how you condone the blood on Trump’s hands?

    • Boy tiz, this one really didn’t pan out the way you hoped, huh?
      While it does give your attempt at blaming it on Obama a true, it also lays out what to me is a pretty valid reason why.
      Other then that, it pretty much lays out every misstep the current administration has taken.
      You may want to read your links a little closer in the future.

  4. The quote tendered above by Tiz’s link is verbatim from “The following” to its closing words, “Strategic Natonal Stockpile.”

  5. It’s funny how about ever conversation tends to trend towards Trump bashing. When Biden wins the election, what will we have to talk about?

    This article could have been shortened to Steamship lays off over 100 because of/ inspire of – Trump

  6. Just noticed my text editor likes to change words around. Every became ever and inspire became inspire…

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