Saturday update: COVID-19 hospitalization goes from one to zero

No new confirmed cases Saturday.

Updated, Saturday, 3 pm to include state information

On Friday Martha’s Vineyard Hospital had one COVID-19 hospitalization, but on Saturday that number dropped to zero. The U.S. Coast Guard made one medical evacuation from the hospital at 5 am Saturday to Massachusetts General Hospital with an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter, according to Petty Officer Zachary Hupp, who couldn’t disclose the patient’s name or medical details because of HIPAA restrictions. Boston Medflight Chief Operating Officer Andy Farkas said his company was unable to fly to the Vineyard recently due to unfavorable weather conditions. Petty Officer Hupp said the Coast Guard made another transport from Nantucket Cottage Hospital at 6:45 pm Friday. 

The total number of patients tested at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital as of April 25 were 347. The total number of positive tests to date are 16 and the total number of negative tests are 324. There are seven pending tests.

In a press conference Saturday, Gov. Baker stressed that the interconnectedness of the northeast necessitates close and frequent discussions among governors, especially relative to where each state is in its COVID-19 surge. For the commonwealth, Gov. Baker said it’s presently “in” the surge.

“We in Massachusetts are in it,” he said. “Vermont is past it. New Hampshire is probably on the backside as well. Connecticut is about where we are. And Rhode Island — I think Gov. Raimondo would say she thinks she’s about a week away from the surge in Rhode Island. New York obviously at this point is over it. New Jersey is just about over it.”

Gov. Baker went on to say “part of the reason for the constant conversations between governors and others in the northeast is we do want to be coordinated on any effort we pursue to reopen.” 

He botched his geography a bit, naming Maine as one of the Bay State’s abbutters.

“We also want to be coordinated given that we’re not all in the same place,” he said. “I don’t want Maine or New Hampshire or Vermont or Connecticut or Rhode Island or New York, which are, you know, are states that border us, to do something that they believe is an important part of their reopening that unwittingly creates issues for us. I certainly don’t want us to do anything that creates issues for them.” 

Baker predicted close communication between governors would last “probably for the next four or five months.”

Massachusetts congressman Richard Neal, chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, stressed at the conference that despite some partisan bickering, Congress mustered bipartisan support for the second round of CARES Act funding with only five dissenters in the House and a unanimous vote in the Senate.


  1. I just don’t get it. When I was at my most impessionable, The Who were singing “Hope I die before I get old” and Abbie Hoffman was saying “Don’t trust anyone over thirty”. I’m seventy. I figure I’m living on borrowed time. If I die in my driveway going out to my car in the morning, I’ll figure I got 40 free years. No worries!

  2. The headline is a grabber. Did the patient die? Did they get sent home because their condition improved? No, you have to read further to find out that they were transerred to Boston, indicating their condition possibly worsened. I’m sorry and hope they are better soon. I think I learned more about helicoptors than how the hospital and community are managing with so few tests being available. Let’s all remembe where the lie of “anybody” can get tested came from and who is ultimately responsible for this horrendous lack of leadership and guidance in this nightmare. Grateful to every single person at the hospital and to this newspaper for keeping us informed as best they can.

  3. Greetings;
    I firmly believe that us citizens here on the Vineyard should know exactly how many of the 16 cases originated from here on the Island (Year Rounders) or has developed here from visitors?
    I believe it is the “mandatory duty and responsibility” of the hospital and of all MV reporters to report complete and truthful information especially since Governor Baker Urged Second Home Owners to Stay Away from Islands!
    Gov. Charlie Baker also said Friday he is awaiting more data before deciding whether to extend its scheduled May 4 expiration.
    We are not concerned with the people’s names we are only interested with where their off-island primary residency is and when they arrived.
    A few weeks ago reports stated there were over 4,600 more people here on our island than last year at this time. Now that is news and summer is coming!

    Personally we started self-quarantining exactly on February 26th..
    Since that report and during our periodic very quick essential trips out we see more and more off-island license plates mainly from NY, NJ, Conn as well as a few from California, Texas, one from Alaska and three from Florida and not one mask in sight!
    My request is that you please complete your reporting fully, completely and truthfully if that is possible on this deadly `World Wide Pandemic` that we are now facing and with no logical ending in sight.
    More than ever we need more confidence in honest, un-bias and complete reporting.

    Hope this will pass the censor screening. Stay safe folks!

    • It was probably brought back from all the islanders who were traveling during the February school break and from college kids coming home. But sure, blame the rich people who came to get away from the virus and live in their own homes.

    • I see why you would find that information valuable but it would be a violation of patient privacy for the location of patients to be given out. They are doing as “complete” of a job as they are allowed to, and show no bias by following the guidelines of HIPPA. Now more than ever, I am thankful for our journalists.

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