The Times print edition returns May 14

Good news print newspaper fans, the MVTimes print edition returns May 14.

In two weeks, on May 14, the MV Times will be returning its print edition to subscribers’ mailboxes.

The Times suspended print operations with the April 2 issue in a cost-saving measure, but also with the safety of readers in mind because most readers get their print edition through the mail at Island Post Offices. In the interim, The Times newsroom staff has continued its robust coverage of the pandemic and other Island issues by providing its newsletter, The Minute, on a daily basis and updating our website dozens of times each day.

Many of you have responded with both kind words and financial contributions that are helping to stem the loss of advertising revenue. That’s an effort that will have to continue into the future as Times’ owners Peter and Barbara Oberfest explore all available options.

“As much as we value the opportunities that our website and newsletter formats have allowed in covering the pandemic, newspapers belong in print,” Publisher Peter Oberferst said. “We’re optimistic about the Island starting a cautious, new upward trajectory and we want to be part of it, alongside all our readers and advertisers.”

The Times site has a dedicated page to COVID-19 coverage that includes a timeline where you can follow how this historic virus has affected Martha’s Vineyard since our first story was published Feb. 12.

“We’ve been thrilled by the response to our daily ‘newspaper,’ The Minute, and by the impressive traffic we’ve seen at (It has doubled over the last two months),” Associate Publisher Jamie Kageleiry said. “The news is happening so fast lately, and I’m  proud that we’ve kept our reporters, web producers, and editors working seven days a week to keep our community up-to-date. That said, we know people like reading the print MVTimes, and are looking forward to publishing a print newspaper again.”

You can continue to support community journalism with a contribution here and an annual subscription to The Times is available here for $40 per year, which includes online access.



    • Lisa, I’m sure it’s difficult to sell ad space when businesses are closed. The Times is being affected by the same economic hardships as every other industry right now. I don’t think there’s a reason to insult anyone, especially for corona-related losses. It’s no one’s fault. Given that traffic has doubled, they are still producing a product the public wants and needs. Please try to remember that the people who work for the paper are also our neighbors, not robots. We should be rooting for them to succeed, especially if we’re utilizing their site, as you and I are doing just by reading and commenting here.

    • Lisa22, whoever you are: You are a poster-girl (or guy, who knows?) for the problem with anonymous posting on forums like this. The conversation here is corrupted when people don’t have to stand up as members of the community and take responsibility for their comments. It might be fun to lob grenades from behind the protection of anonymity, but we are all terribly ill-served by this sort of spiteful speech.
      The Island would be a poorer place, by far, without its newspapers. We cannot take them for granted: Communities across the United States are becoming news deserts because their local papers are folding in the absence of ad revenue. We all just have to hope this doesn’t happen on the Vineyard.

  1. MV Times, your consistent and up to date online stories, articles and opinions are so important to us all. You’re doing a great job! You are essential to the community and we are grateful. Thank you.

  2. I’ve missed the print addition and look forward to receiving it again, always a fan of a literal paper itself..

  3. Ah, Lisa-22 rears her/his ugly head again! Hey, we’re all beat up by the (small t) times. But the (big T) Times keeps chugging, and a good thing, too! I think what others said to you rather nicely I’ll say right up front: if you don’t like this paper, don’t read it! Or did you just post this for the attention? Congratulations; you got it.

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