Canceled seasonal events

Events canceled for the 2020 season on Martha's Vineyard.

Fairgoers ride the ferris wheel, and wave to family down below. — Gabrielle Mannino

Updated June 30

Due to concerns about the coronavirus, here is a list of event cancellations for the 2020 season on Martha’s Vineyard:

Entire Season

Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse

Vineyard Haven Band’s Sunday Night Concerts in the Park

The Grange Exchange Antiques/Art Market

Academy of Children’s Theatre and Family Classic Theatre from Island Theatre Workshop

Featherstone’s Flea & Fine Arts Market

Chilmark Flea Market

Vineyard Arts Project


July 2: Island Community Chorus Concert at the Trinity Park Tabernacle

July 4: Fourth of July Parade and Fireworks from Town of Edgartown

July 4: Annual Run the Chop road race from Murdick’s Fudge

July 8: Tisbury Street Fair

July 10: Generations Picnic from Vineyard Trust

July 11-12: Vineyard Cup Regatta from Sail M.V.

July 12-13: Annual Golf Tournament and Cocktail Party from M.V. Hospital

July 24-26: Beach Road Weekend Festival

July 30 – August 3: Annual Used Book Sale from the Friends of the West Tisbury Library


August 2-3: Islanders Write event at Featherstone        

August 7-15: Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival    

August 13-16, 22-25: Built on Stilts Dance Festival        

August 15: Annual Sullivan 5K Run/Walk, Kids’ Dash, and Diaper Derby from M.V. Hospital

August 19: Grand Illumination from the M.V. Camp Meeting Association

August 20-23: Agricultural Fair in West Tisbury

August 21: Annual Fireworks show from the Oak Bluffs Fireman’s Civic Association


Sept. 12: Martha’s Vineyard Wind Festival

Sept. 12: Vineyard Triathlon


Oct. 2-4: Martha’s Vineyard Oyster Festival

Oct. 21-25: Martha’s Vineyard Food & Wine Festival



  1. This is informative but maybe we can have a weekly list of what WILL be going forward as of publication.

  2. Let’s face it. The entire summer season on Martha’s Vineyard has been cancelled.
    In addition to the Fair, I am especially sad about Built on Stilts.
    I guess we’ll have to go back to the way it used to be before everything got so manically running around crazy in the summer here on Martha’s Vineyard.
    A nice, carefree, relaxing summer with plenty of sleeping in, pancake breakfasts, beach time, a summer reading list; of good books you’ve been wanting to catch up on.. maybe some fishing, bike rides, cookouts, hanging out with friends, open ended afternoons and evenings…barefoot walks on the beach, playing frisbee, exploring the many beautiful island hikes and trails, getting out your sketchbook, having time and space to hear yourself think and let your imagination run free, beach picnics, ice cream cones, star gazing, board games, charades, and that old tyme summer feeling. Plenty of time and space. A slower pace. I welcome it. But it will definitely be weird. Wishing all peace with the changes. Hopefully we will make lemonade out of these lemons. More BEING. Less Doing.

  3. cherokee sal, thank you for that! i had actually forgotten about most of those things. over the years, i had quit going to MOST of the events because of the crowding. couldn’t park anywhere for the beach, took the bus a few times to attend the fair and OB fireworks, standing room only on the bus, waiting an hour for the bus each way. shoulder to shoulder at illumination night (gave up on that and activities in edgartown since the 80s) so your musings did bring me back to the simpler times and soon as i let myself out of lock down, i hope to see my kids again and enjoy all those things! i’ll let my son make the pancakes. he’s really good with that.

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