Three courses of action for outdoor dining

The town owned parking lot in Edgartown that has access to Espresso Love, Isola, and the Edgartown Diner. The town may decide to allow outdoor dining in closed off parking lots and streets this summer. — Brian Dowd

Edgartown is continuing to move forward with its plans to develop outdoor dining for restaurants this summer, in response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Edgartown town administrator James Hagerty said there were essentially three courses of action for selectmen to take. They could create contiguous zones, allowing sidewalks, courtyards, or parking lots adjacent to restaurants to open up; no-vehicle-traffic zones, which would block off a roadway or entire parking lots; or create a hybrid of the two.

A number of restaurants in town have expressed interest in the idea.

Hagerty went on to say the town would have to have a licensing agreement with a private business. The businesses would have to sign an agreement to use the town property on a temporary basis.

“We have to figure out something to make the summer work,” Hagerty said.