‘Members of my profession failed us all again’


To the Editor:

Once again, another page in racism’s seems-like-never-ending chapters of systematic injustice for people of color.

George Floyd died at the hands (knees) of officers from the Minneapolis Police Department. If you watch the video, the outrageous mistreatment is apparent, convincing excessive force and eight minutes of torture that leads to the murder of Floyd. If you can find one example of any of the officers in the video upholding the oath that they swore allegiance to, you are not part of the answer or the solution.

As president of the Martha’s Vineyard branch of the NAACP, I stand steadfastly committed to ending the violence, inequality, and brutalization of this nation’s communities of color. I also appeal strongly for the arrest of all officers at the scene, and that they are brought to justice and sentenced respectively without deference to the positions they once held.

I, without hesitation, demand the same thing as the chief of police for the town of Oak Bluffs. It is with a sad heart and discouraged spirit that I must acknowledge that members of my profession have failed us all again.

Please stand in solidarity with the M.V. NAACP in the pursuit of equal justice and the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all. Let’s also pray for the Floyd family and the citizens of Minneapolis.

Erik Blake, president


  1. Thank you, Chief Blake for your leadership in both the island chapter of the NAACP and the OB police department. I stand with you in renouncing racism and calling for an end to the race-based violence and brutality.

  2. Excellent statement, but the problems begin with racism in the community. The Island is not immune from this scourge. We all must have zero tolerance for racism.

  3. Now do the right thing and defund your department! Make it appropriate for our community!

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