Patient Centric gets the greenlight

Cultivation for medical-use cannabis to begin Monday, Rose says.

Patient Centric CEO Geoff Rose, shown outside his medical marijuana cultivation building, has been granted approval by the state to begin growing. — Gabrielle Mannino

After a long wait, marijuana entrepreneur Geoff Rose got full and final approval from the state’s Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) Thursday for a medical marijuana operation in West Tisbury.

Through his company, Patient Centric, Rose has a dispensary on State Road and a grow facility on Dr. Fisher Road. Rose described the vote in favor of Patient Centric as unanimous. The Times hasn’t been able to immediately confirm this with the CCC.

Rose said he expects to begin cultivation on Monday. He estimated it will take 10 weeks for the plants to reach harvestable maturity. In the meantime, he has a laboratory and a commercial kitchen to get operational, he said. His employees are “primed and ready” to get the operation underway, he said. By mid-November, he hopes to have product ready. 

“We’ll have a variety of flower and nonflower products,” he said. By flower products, he said, he meant cannabis products that were smokable, and by nonflower products, he meant edibles such as chocolates, fruit chews, and lozenges. The edibles will be vegan and gluten-free, he said. 

“I’m excited that the patients finally get what they’ve been waiting for for 7.5 years,” he said.

While Rose’s medical dispensary hasn’t drawn much heat, the adult-use outlet that is slated for co-location with the medical dispensary at 510 State Road was criticized before the Martha’s Vineyard Commission by abutters last month for, among other things, the potential for excessive traffic. The MVC hasn’t ruled on the outlet yet. Rose does have a host community agreement approved with West Tisbury. 


  • It is disappointing to see that the Island will no longer be cannabis free.
    What will happen to the children?

  • When will Trump enforce federal law and put these cannabis criminals in jail who are poisoning the minds of nation’s youth?
    Why can’t he just say no?

  • if you didnt think this island was under siege with crack, cocaine and heroin oh yeah and an opioid epidemic now the gateway of all gateway drugs will be easily accessible. the people who can buy it some of whom will sell it. guaranteed. it happens off island all the time. drugs suck and our children are doomed.

  • What will happen to the children…

    Can we once and for all PLEASE acknowledge the damage done by alcohol consumption? Little known (not really, but here yes…) statistic: No one has ever died from the consumption of pure, untainted marijuana. The same cannot be said of alcohol.

    On a social level, let’s take two guys of construction worker-type builds – one has a six pack of PBR, the other smokes a joint (untainted like, say, from a dispensary) – who is more likely to start an argument, or drive home and possibly cause an accident, or get home and abuse his family? If you’re feeding into the whole Reefer Madness thing, please understand it was a propaganda film.

    Lastly, the Gateway Argument. Ok, it may be a Gateway drug into harder drugs – depending a person’s pre-disposition for addiction. It may also be a GATEWAY OUT of addiction.

    But, PLEASE – let’s not kid ourselves: Alcohol has ravaged many millions more than pure, untainted cannabis ever has or ever will. The facts mete this all out.

    Sweeping indictments don’t do anything but stoke unnecessary fears

    • Mr Whitaker. We are not talking about alcohol which clearly does all the things you mention. We are talking about marijuana which will damage the minds of young ones. Not my age or yours but the young ones at the strength it is today versus in the 60’s. The island is littered with the corpses (metaphor) of heroine, crack, opioids, alcohol and all its social and financial manifestations. This is a dark dark place already and this shop will make it worse.

      • 100% agree about keeping it away from young ones.

        However, this dispensary is so highly regulated by the state, the security so extremely rigid, and the checks, balances and accounting for any and all product grown and sold so strictly monitored, the chance of any young kid getting hold of this is (or at the very least SHOULD be) extremely remote. It’s up to the consuming adults in the home to be, well, ADULTS (parents, guardians, etc).

        I’m sorry but we agree to disagree. This is new and frightening to those who are looking at it through the lens of an ages-old stigma.

        If you knew how many folks are growing their own on this island you’d be stunned. It’s the unregulated growers who pass it out for free who need to be monitored. If people want to grow for their own personal use and not share, that’s one thing – privacy of their own home, not going out driving – really, I don’t see the harm.

        If you want proof of how regulated we will be, just look at how long it took Geoff to get this approved – almost eight years.

        If you would like to discuss further in an open forum, please e-mail me at

        • I should also add, that we aren’t saying the medical marijuana is for everyone. It’s totally not. It’s merely an alternative solution folks should be entitled to choose for any particular condition they are suffering from.

      • It’s nice that people will be able to buy THC-containing products without supporting the illegal organizations that smuggle all of those chemicals you mentioned. Buy your weed locally, instead of from the cartels.

      • Andrew do have a link to peer reviewed research on the cannabis damage to the minds of young ones?
        What is the peak damage versus age?
        At what age does cannabis damage become negligible?

        Vacuous claims are such fun.

        • ajay the literature on damage to teens and other young ones from current THC in cannabis is legion. The claims are manifest and not vacuous at all. This island has descended into a huge drug and alcohol pit and adding a dispensary will make it worse. Some people do have medical conditions that are alleviated by the use of marijuana but Mr Rose’s business will require a lot of ”medical condition” patients in order to turn a profit. Most of us know what this is about. No one believes that the 18 year old sanction is a hurdle.

          • Andrew please list the three you think to be most important.
            Unless you want everyone to just take your word for it.

        • “Legitimate prescriptions“ have proved to be a death sentence for many Americans so there is reason and precedent to question the doctor approval. Medical use that produces a high is the issue. And topical application doesn’t work, in my experience.

          • “Medical use that produces a high is the issue.”
            Is it an issue as a side effect or just primary.

      • “we’re talking about cannabis, not alcohol!”

        *proceeds to list numerous other things we weren’t talking about*

    • Thank you. Dispelling ignorance about Cannabis as plant medicine is the challenge. Having said that, I think the dispensary belongs on the Cape rather than the already too congested island, traffic wise. There is only so much space as it is.

      • cherokee– Marijuana is legal in Mass. The law states that every county allow at least one dispensary.
        This is an island surrounded by “big water” ( I learned that from trump)
        The federal government does not recognize the legality of marijuana. The coast guard has jurisdiction of the ocean, and the Faa has jurisdiction of the skies, one cannot legally transport it to the Vineyard.
        Law abiding citizens are entitled to to be able to legally obtain it.
        Do you REALLY think that a dispensary on the island will cause an increase in traffic ?

        • Good point. I really just meant the location issue re:parking. And that judging by the bad juju this guy Geoff Rose has managed to generate already around this dispensary (he seems a magnet for conflict and negative energy) what should be a liberating, good thing for the island (and I am very much pro Cannabis) feels like a big headache already, and it’s not even opened.

          • cheroke– any contriversy surrounding Geoff’s project is not from him. He has been systematically and patiently jumping through regulatory hurdles for years. I know him personally, and we have discussed this many times. Your opinion of him is way off base.

      • How much traffic and congestion will be caused by Islanders going to the Cape to score weed?

    • Do you know for a fact that no person has not had a psychotic reaction from smoking pot (yes, it happens more than you imagine) and killed himself? Certainly there are ER visits from this happening. Until we address the issues behind why people use and abuse substances to avoid, dull, enhance, help them cope with their personal reality of being alive, we will get these old arguments of which is worse, a drunk or a pothead? Would you rather you child get a ride home with a drunk person or a person high on pot? I am for medical marijuana, even for people with anxiety disorders, but the reality is, most people drink to get a buzz (or more) and most people smoke to get stoned, not to ease the pain of their eye disease. Enjoyment of life is possible without dulling or enhancing your senses, but particularly here on this island, we do not teach that to our children. Many parents allow drinking and smoking pot, saying the kids are going to do it anyway. There’s no question that medical marijuana is not strictly “medical”. And there can be awful side effects to marijuana, particularly among young people and those who struggle with mental health issues like depression and PTSD, causing paranoia, severe agitation, and psychotic thinking and behavior. Sweeping acceptance of pot, even for purely medical use, is not good either.

        • Andrew– now, if you ever typed the word “sorry” on this site, we might agree on something also.

          • jbnorton. If you think Rose is going to earn a profit off legitimate prescriptions you dont know the business model it is based upon. How many medical prescriptions will an island of 16000 residents get you? OK more in the summer, but are all those visitors gonna bring prescriptions with them?

          • dondondon. When I have wronged someone I dont use the word ‘sorry’ which is weak. I ask to be forgiven.

        • Andrew do you think that pot is so dangerous that possession should be a violation of federal law?

          It use to be a violation of federal law to possess alcohol.
          How did that work out?

        • I’ll believe in miracles when you, Andrew, admit your support of the most corrupt president in modern history was a grave error in your judgement. Until then, when we occasionally happen to agree on something it’s because you are, as usual, wrong in your blanket statements about me, like this one:

          “There is no conservatism in Dondondon or Jackie–none.” ~Andrew

      • “Marijuana– it will only kill you if a bail of it falls on you” — Willie Nelson

      • In the past year how many cannabis related admissions has the hospital had?

      • This is not a sweeping acceptance of pot for any and all. This is akin to a pharmacy where one needs a prescription from a medical professional for a specific reason. Also, some medical cannabis applications are topical and therefore not psychoactive. Many of the medical strains grown are lower in THC (the cannabinoid that makes you “high”) and higher in the other cannabinoids that relieve pain, anxiety, depression, and even stave off epileptic seizures.

        Furthermore, medical cannabis will not be prescribed to anyone under the age of 18 unless:

        Two Massachusetts licensed certifying healthcare providers (at least one of whom is a board-certified pediatrician or board-certified pediatric subspecialist) must diagnose the qualifying patient as having a debilitating life-limiting illness (one that does not respond to curative treatments, where reasonable estimates of prognosis suggests death may occur within two years).

        If the debilitating medical condition is not life-limiting, both certifying healthcare providers must determine that the benefits of the medical use of marijuana outweigh the risks. There must be a discussion of the potential negative impacts on neurological development with the parent or legal guardian of the qualifying patient, written consent of the parent or legal guardian, and documentation of the rationale in the medical record and the certification.


      • Most people’s ” personal reality of being alive” Is being challenged to the max at the moment. The whole country if not the whole world is having an anxiety meltdown. I say put it in the water!

      • Jackie– people have psychotic reactions to all sorts of things and kill themselves over it. Like being 18 years old and having your first girlfriend break up with you.
        Do you know for a fact that no one has had a psychotic reaction to playing violent video games ? Watching a movie? Listening to Rush Limbaugh ? trump? Tucker Carlson? Would you call it psychotic for a group of grown men to chain and drag a black man behind their car ? To hang a gay man on a fence ? To have a police officer slowly murder a man in broad daylight with 3 other police officers and a crowd of angry people watching ?
        I think so– That’s why they call these reactions “psychotic” .
        Marijuana is not the problem.

        • Unfortunately, many people use pot to counter and inhibit their anger issues, a separate issue from cannabis induced psychosis which is a real thing. These anger issues you bring up are particularly true for boys and men, some of whom use pot to help themselves get “mellow”. Do girls play violent video games? Do girls commit school shootings? Wives do beat husbands, but we all know that wife abuse is much more common. Why do you think there was the Men Standing Against Sexual Violence? Should we combat these anger issues with pot? Of course not. Don’t confuse angry men like Tucker and Limbaugh and their angry followers with psychosis. Do you mean to suggest if only these angry people smoked a little dope? Is police brutality a female cop issue? Should all cops smoke a little dope every time they see a Black man? I suppose it’s better for the wife of an abusive husband if he smokes dope rather than gets drunk and kills her, but to be sure, using a substance to get high to counter anger issues is not an answer to anything, it’s just an excuse you have to get high. Too many boys and men don’t know how to handle anger without becoming violent or having violent fantasies. Don’t confuse the issue with cannabis-induced psychosis. Plus, people who are high are really boring to be around, just like people who drink too much are sloppy and obnoxious to be near. Just being honest. We’re never going to agree on this, Don, but that’s okay.

          • Would you like to see the possession of cannabis and alcohol criminalized?
            Misdemeanor or felony?

          • Well said Jackie, Addiction is addiction, there’s all types. Those that result in mind and mood alteration and are perceived by the addict as being good are really the one’s we should focus on.

    • Interesting article. Can’t really argue with those conclusions as they applied to certain patients. While everyone has an endocannabinoid system, not everyone’s takes to phytocannabinoids. That’s life, really. My system doesn’t do well with alcohol (a minor amount here and there, ok. But as a rule, fuggetaboutit)… Marijuana should be consumed conservatively (the whole “Start Low and Go Slow” rule). So much of this comes down to individual responsibility. Speaking legislatively, you cannot formally regulate a person’s predisposition for overindulgence.

      Again, it’s a personal choice, it’s personal responsibility. I know another person on this string is against bringing up alcohol (apples and oranges and that s**t). But you simply cannot have a discussion about the “evils” of cannabis without including alcoholic beverages in the dialogue.

      Again, pot isn’t for everyone. We would never suggest that. However, folks should really educate themselves about it before leaping off a cliff into a pit of false conclusions.

      • Are you suggesting that for people who want to use a substance in more than a “minor” way, pot is better than alcohol? Wake up call, major use of pot or alcohol is a problem. People without substance abuse problems may drink but it is occasionally and minor. I know there are plenty of people who drink every day who will object that they have a problem, but ask them to stop for a month and see what happens. I have friends, not alcoholic, who won’t go out to dinner in Chilmark unless they have wine to bring, (in a time before coronavirus). The truth is, many people want to get high and teach this to their children as okay and normal. I personally don’t get it and always prefer clearheadedness.

      • The smart thing would be for President Trump to continue to outlaw any research into Cannabis.
        The pit of false conclusions is such fun.

  • Geoff Rose has been a true pioneer in this area. His facility promises to be state of the art. Mr. Rose has patiently overcome significant regulatory hurdles to bring this new industry to MV. I hope his efforts will be amply rewarded and wish him nothing but the best in his endeavors.

    • I remember When the Vineyard was Great.
      The cause celebre was No Jets.
      Now it is Everybody Must Get Stoned.
      There will be pot zombies everywhere you go.

      • Not to cause you any undue stress. But you would be shocked if you only knew how many professionals on the island engage in a little “micro-dosage” of marijuana while working. Honestly, some folks’ systems can metabolize pot in such a way that it actually can make them more productive, more palatable people.

        Again, it depends on the individual, it depends on the circumstance, and it depends entirely on personal responsibility and accountability.

        I understand your apprehension – I truly do. I have a similar view of folks who drink. But it sounds like we both need to arrest our bias against our respective preconceptions. Easier said than done, I know…

        • Ray,

          “Honestly, some folks’ systems can metabolize pot in such a way that it actually can make them more productive, more palatable people. Again, it depends on the individual, it depends on the circumstance, and it depends entirely on personal responsibility and accountability.
          I understand your apprehension – I truly do. I have a similar view of folks who drink.”

          No truer words have been spoken. And my sentiments exactly. More importantly, I’m curious if thc oil, in cartridges, will ever be able to be procured from Mr. Rose? Preferably and specifically Dime Industries “tanks” (1000 mg.). Thanks in advance. 💥💥🛢🛢💥💥



  • This is a good thing for lots and lots people that use this fine product of nature. There are more and more medical problems that can be treated naturally with weed these days and the people that have a legal need for it will no longer have yo travel to get their medication. It will not change a thing for the rest that just simply enjoy it. They still can’t just walk in and buy a bag of weed. People will forget this place ever opened within a few months and everything will be as it was. Remember when they rebuilt the SSA office in VH? That was the end of the world for many but it was quickly forgotten and everything was back to normal in no time at all.

  • Personally, I can’t stand the smell of burning pot–makes me nauseous! Therefore, I know that it is already in abundant use here on the island, whether we want it or not. I’ve driven behind cars that looked like they had a fire burning inside with smoke billowing out the windows. For some reason people smoking weed seem to think nobody will notice, but the smell is a dead giveaway. In any case, I am all for legal weed as long as people use it responsibly. Unfortunately, many can’t.

  • I’d be interested to hear someone argue that daily use of pot or alcohol, (to get high, get “mellow”, get calm) is not habitual and a sure sign of dependence. This is quite separate from medical necessity, a situation for such a small number of islanders that no medical pot business could ever survive here.

    • Jackie–“habitual” is different than “dependence”. It is clear that habitual use of some drugs can easily lead to dependence. We know that is true with nicotine, alcohol, and opiates. Addicts of these drugs, when deprived , experience physical withdraw symptoms. I should make a distinction between alcohol and opiates and nicotine ,as the withdraw symptoms of nicotine are not life threatening, unless you happen to be living with someone who is trying to trying to quit. 🙂
      Having said that, marijuana withdraw does not present any life threatening physical symptoms.
      I would argue that marijuana use, no matter how frequent or intense does not in any way cause a “dependency”. A bad habit?– sure– with bad consequence?– sure– Quite often.
      But I will also argue that properly prescribed “medical marijuana” has clear benefits to patients suffering from a wide range of ailments.
      I will also argue that “recreational marijuana” in some cases can in fact really “mellow” someone out.
      I know from personal experience.

      • Like I said, Don, needling to mellow out is a serious problem, just like depending on a drug to do it is. No drug? No mellow yellow. There are ways to deal with anger issues that don’t include getting high. Like I also said, we will never agree on this. As a former victim of violent abuse, take away the pot, and you take away safety for the person being abused. Not a good solution. It’s a temporary fix. And if you think that pot use is keeping a person mellow, that person absolutely is dependent on the pot to change this person’s behavior.

        • I’m not saying you have anger issues, Don. When people talk about mellowing out, it could be anxiety, agitation, mania, anything that’s making the person uncomfortable enough to feel the need to self medicate. People don’t like to deal with feelings that make them anxious or angry or whatever it is that makes people turn to drugs. I understand pot relieves the uncomfortable feelings, but I don’t understand why people don’t want to relieve the discomfort permanently by actually dealing with the issue and not masking it with drugs– or alcohol, for that matter.

  • Any illegal drug is easily available anywhere in the USA. What I don’t understand if i were a pot smoker I would grow my own and not pay anyone $350 an ounce?

    • How much does it cost to set up a secure grow room to produce an ounce of flower a month?
      How many man hours of labor does it take to produce an ounce of flower?
      How many man hours does it take to learn how to grow?
      How many crops will you lose to pestilence and disease.
      If you can get by on an ounce of flower a month the make/buy is easy.

      Good beef is $10-$12 a pound, do you grow your own cows?

    • How much would it cost for a renter to get permission to grow weed in his rented apartment?

    • Do you make your own beer and wine?
      It has become so expensive with all those taxes.
      Roll you own cigarettes?
      Make your own gasoline?
      Build your own boat?
      Grow your own corn?
      What is your make/grow/buy elasticity?

  • Yes the use of pot, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, sugar and especially milk can lead to habituation.
    Most kids get hooked on milk, or a milk like product, shortly after birth.

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