Former Tisbury cop alleges discrimination

Female sergeant allegedly subjected to ‘continuous harassment,’ then blackballed.

Kindia Roman, shown here being sworn in as a Tisbury police officer in 2014 by former Tisbury Town Clerk Marion Mudge, says she faced discrimination while on the department.

A former Tisbury Police sergeant alleges she was harassed in her department for being a Hispanic, gay woman. When she attempted to leave Tisbury, she alleges, a fellow officer foiled a job prospect for her at another police department. She also alleges after trying to return to her old job, she was frozen out, and the same officer had a hand in that. 

Kindia Roman joined the Tisbury Police Department in 2014, was promoted to detective in 2015, and promoted to sergeant in 2016. A 2018 complaint, filed with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) and aquired by The Times through a public records request, outlines Roman’s allegations of retaliation and discrimination based on gender, race, and sexual orientation. A 2018 internal police report echoes Roman’s complaint, and also highlights one or more alleged “sour grapes” attitudes in the aftermath of a police union leadership change. A 2017 internal complaint appears to corroborate insubordination Roman alleges she experienced while at the department.

The town denies Roman’s allegations. “It is against town policy to comment on active litigation,” town administrator Jay Grande emailed. “All I can say is that the town denies the harassment allegations brought by Ms. Roman.”

The primary target of the complaint, Sgt. Max Sherman, declined to comment. While Sherman is the focus, the names of others implicated by Roman appear in the complaint, but have been redacted. 

In the complaint, Roman states the department hired Max Sherman, a “white straight male,” as a full-time officer in 2015. Based on their respective ranks during Roman’s time at the department, Sherman reported to Roman. However, her complaint alleges, “whenever I would tell him to do something, he would call someone else to see if I could tell him what to do.”

Roman further alleges, after Sherman attained the rank of detective, he “began harassing me with comments such as she ‘didn’t know what she was doing’ and that she got her job ‘only because the lieutenant knew me.’”

The lieutenant referred to is former Tisbury Police Lt. Eerik Meisner. Meisner was demoted and terminated, allegedly because he stood up for Roman, whom he previously worked with in a Florida police department. Meisner has an active $1.2 million federal lawsuit against the town of Tisbury and current Police Chief Mark Saloio. Roman goes on to allege Sherman and a trio of other officers, whose names are redacted, all “white straight males” in union leadership roles, made her life “impossible” until her departure from the department. She alleges, “These officers would disregard my direct orders, they would fail to assist me, they made comments that I wasn’t a good leader, that I didn’t deserve to be a sergeant, and would tell me that they didn’t have to listen to me during my tenure.”

Roman specifically alleges she “overheard Sherman refer to me as [expletive of anatomy] and ‘dyke.’” 

She alleges these officers weren’t subject to consequences. “I would report this to [the lieutenant], who in turn would report it to the chief of police [Hanavan], but only one officer, [redacted], was terminated, but it was not due [to] his harassment to me.”

In her complaint, Roman states she learned of a job opportunity in the Walpole Police Department in late May 2018. She alleges she was prepared to leave her job in Tisbury “because of the continuous harassment.” 

Roman states she went on to be interviewed by the Walpole Police Department. The interview was conducted by “a panel of five individuals, including the chief of police.” She states that interview “went well.” On June 11, 2018, Roman states she spoke with the Walpole Police Department’s deputy chief. That deputy chief’s name is redacted from the complaint. She states she asked the deputy chief if she should move forward with renting an apartment, and alleges the deputy chief said, “Go ahead.”

On July 12, Roman states, she had a second interview with a panel of four people. “During the interview, I was informed that there was information that was alarming about me in my background. Specifically I was asked to retell my girlfriend’s back history,” Roman alleges. The next two lines of text in the complaint are redacted. Roman states she asked if the panel had obtained the information from Sherman or an individual whose name is redacted. 

Roman alleges the deputy chief refused to tell her who provided the information.

She alleges she made a records request regarding the matter, and Walpole refused to comply. 

“It came to my attention that Max Sherman was boasting to other officers that it was he who had given the information about my partner, and that I was in a gay relationship,” her complaint alleges. 

On July 19, Roman alleges, she received a call from a Walpole Police lieutenant informing her she wasn’t a candidate for the job anymore. 

On July 24, Roman alleges she went back to Tisbury to try to get her old job back, “but the town decided to freeze positions, and it was documented that Sherman stated he would do anything to stop me from being rehired.”

The MCAD complaint was signed by Roman under the pains and penalties of perjury. 

Roman declined comment on the MCAD complaint. Sherman did not reply to emails seeking comment, one of which specifically asked him to refute Roman’s allegations of harassment and retaliation. In a follow-up phone call, Sherman declined comment, and when asked if he might answer questions later, he said, “Probably not.”

Select board chair Melinda Loberg (now out of office) declined to comment on Roman or Sherman, as did select board member Jeff Kristal. 

“It’s a legal matter,” select board member Jim Rogers said. “I can’t comment on that.” Rogers went on to say once it was resolved, he could speak on the matter. 

A 2018 internal Tisbury Police complaint obtained by The Times sheds further light on Roman’s allegations. Written by Lt. Meisner, it outlines police union struggles and divisions within the department. At the time, Meisner had an application in for the chief’s position, as Chief Hanavan was poised to retire. The police union backed Meisner, but the town did not tap him to be a final candidate. 

The report states Officer Andrew Silvia informed Meisner that “Detective Max Sherman had been involved in sabotaging the efforts of Kindia Roman to obtain employment with the Walpole Police Department.” The report states Silvia told Meisner he learned the information from Officer Nick Sidoti, who had “obtained it directly” from Sherman. 

Silvia alleged, according to the report, that Sherman “had contacted the Walpole Police Department background investigators, and told them Sgt. Roman had staged a ‘coup’ in order to obtain the Local 419 Union presidency, an office Detective Sherman previously held. Officer Silvia alleged this information had been ‘instrumental in denying Sgt. Roman new employment opportunities.’”

The report indicates Roman told Meisner some corroborating information, specifically that Roman told Meisner she was fast-tracked for employment in Walpole, and had packed up on the Vineyard and moved to prepare for the new job. 

“She then indicated she was suddenly informed that there had been ‘disturbing information’ found in her background which caused the Walpole Police Department to rescind their offer of employment,” the report states. “Sgt. Roman had been given positive reviews at work and an exemplary background from the town of Tisbury. Sgt. Roman indicated she believed either or both Detective Sherman and Officer Jeff Day had been involved in the providing of the ‘disturbing information’ involving a ‘coup’ of the union presidency. At the time of my conversation, she could not provide any information to support her beliefs.” 

The report indicates Sidoti told Meisner that he’d been in the squad room talking about the situation that had befallen Roman with Officer Charles Duquette, and doing so in a “raised voice” to connote his displeasure with those circumstances. At one point he recalled saying someone had made a call to relay information. Sherman then came into the squad room, Sidoti reported, and said, “‘I told them, they contacted me, and I told them the truth,’” the report states. Sherman went on to say he’d been “removed” from the presidency of the union, the report states. 

Sidoti recalled Sherman said “he was going to ‘fight’ any attempt to reinstate Sgt. Roman to the Tisbury Police Department.” 

At some point Silvia told Meisner Sherman’s position on union events “was not factual,” and that Sherman lost his presidency through a vote, and meeting minutes reflect that.

On Aug. 8, the report states, Meisner met with then–Chief Daniel Hanavan and apprised him of the matter.

“We both agree if these allegations are factual that Detective Sherman has interfered with Sgt. Roman’s ability to obtain employment, and has provided information which is not truthful,” the report states. “This situation has the propensity to cause severe morale issues within the department if it is not addressed.” 

Meisner requested the chief brief town administrator Jay Grande, and also talk with Walpole’s chief to see what could be confirmed. The next day, the report states, the chief [Hanavan] told Meisner it would be “interesting” to question Sherman, but that he would “leave that for the next chief to deal with.” The report states the chief went on to say, “He believed Detective Sherman has set himself up for legal trouble based on his conduct.”

On Aug. 10, the report states, Chief Hanavan informed Meisner he’d just returned from a meeting with Grande, where he was informed “Kindia Roman had been removed from the agenda for August 14, 2018, selectmen’s meeting.”
Hanavan could not be reached for comment.

As The Times previously reported, Roman came before the selectman at their next meeting, looking to return as a special police officer. 

“The board was asked to consider appointing Kindia Roman as a special police officer. Roman had been a sergeant, but left the department for an off-Island job,” The Times reported. “Selectmen appeared to support the idea of appointing Roman, but delayed action until next Tuesday because of the town’s procedure for hiring special police officers, Loberg said. ‘I’m happy to see you back,’ Loberg was quoted as saying.

Former Tisbury selectman Tristan Israel, the current chair of the Dukes County Commissioners, said he couldn’t speak about Roman’s MCAD complaint, as he wasn’t privy to it. Generally speaking, he said, Roman attempted to return to a department he was trying to shrink.

“I wanted a smaller department,” he said. He also said he didn’t want to bring anyone aboard with a new chief coming — that he wanted the new chief to choose whom he wanted. “I was reluctant to bring anyone on at that point,” he said. “She was a very capable policewoman, as far as I know.”

The report went on to state Hanavan was told by Grande “that Ms. Roman would need to reapply just like anyone else in order to obtain employment at the police department,” and that no further information was given by Grande. 

“Chief Hanavan then told me it was my responsibility to contact Ms. Roman and inform her of the decision,” the report states. “I inquired whether or not Mr. Grande or the chief were going to inform her in writing; the chief replied, ‘No, you are going to call her and tell her.’”

Upon phoning Roman, Meisner described her as “extremely upset,” and also perplexed. “She was under the impression, based on what Mr. Grande and the chief had told her, during a meeting between the three of them, she was going to be reappointed to her position with the Tisbury Police Department,” the report states. “She demanded to know what had taken place to change their minds. I informed Ms. Roman that I was not privy to their meeting, and did not know what had been actually discussed.”

The report notes Meisner asked Roman if she felt the allegation that Sherman sent negative information about her to Walpole was credible, and she said she did, based on a records request a lawyer had made. 

The last entry of the report indicates Meisner received a call from Special Officer Brian Cioffi, who expressed his displeasure at what he understood the situation to be regarding Roman.

“He had heard what Detective Sherman had done to Sgt. Roman, and wanted to know how he, Sherman, had this much power/pull,” the report states. “He further iterated that it was unfair that Detective Sherman destroy someone’s career and chances of employment because he had lost a union election and was upset.” 

Two months later, a federal complaint would be filed against Cioffi, based on allegations he inflicted emotional distress on a subordinate through a coercive sexual relationship when he was Chilmark’s police chief. The case was settled. 

Meisner’s report ends there, and indicates it “will continue based on investigation.”

It’s unclear if it did. Tisbury went on to select Saloio as the next police chief in September 2019. In November, Saloio demoted Meisner to a sergeant. Meisner was then terminated in January

Saloio, who wasn’t chief when Roman’s MCAD allegations are said to have occurred, didn’t respond to an email seeking comment. 

Reached by phone, Sidoti declined to comment on the spot, and said he would reach back out to The Times the next day. No call ever came. Silvia said he was “not at liberty to respond.” Duquette said he would have to check with his boss, but that it was unlikely he would call back. 

Records indicate another officer was allegedly insubordinate to Roman — Mark Santon, a 25-year veteran of the department, terminated in December 2017. Santon proved problematic to Tisbury on several occasions. Independent and internal investigations revealed Santon to allegedly have exhibited “blatant disregard for the truth,” to have allegedly left a female prisoner unattended in a cruiser, whereupon she nearly killed herself, to have allegedly filed a false police report that triggered OUI charges against someone, to have spread false rumors, and pursuant to what Roman alleges, to have allegedly disobeyed Roman and made comments “detrimental to the sergeant’s leadership and morale of the department.”

A 2017 internal investigation by Chief Hanavan found that Santon allegedly manipulated reporting duties Roman assigned to officers following an auto sales dispute, and further found Santon allegedly lied about what he’d done when interviewed about it. Hanavan noted Santon questioned Roman’s choice to follow standard police practices.

“Later on during the call,” the report states, “Sergeant Roman directed SPO [Special Police Officer] Stobie to run a person’s check on the people involved at the scene, which is a standard police practice. Officer Santon made comments at the station to the special police officers that the whole thing could have been taken care of a lot faster, easier, and should not have taken so long. Making comments to special police officers about a supervisor’s performance is detrimental to the sergeant’s leadership and morale of the department. If Officer Santon had an issue with the way the call was handled, he should have brought up his concerns to Sergeant Roman in private, as any officer with Officer Santon’s years of experience should know. Officer Santon has been given a written warning in the past for making inappropriate comments about Sergeant Roman. In the past, Officer Santon appeared to be jealous of Sergeant Roman, who bypassed him in obtaining the rank of sergeant.”

The Times attempted to corroborate the allegations against Sherman with the Walpole Police Department. Page captures from previous versions of the department’s website indicate Deputy Chief Chris Mackenzie was the sole deputy chief of the department from 2017 to his resignation in 2019. It was a deputy police chief that Roman alleges told her she could secure an apartment, and later declined to tell her who passed information to the department. 

Walpole Deputy Chief Richard Kelleher declined to comment on Mackenzie. Archived web pages indicate that among Deputy Chief Mackenzie’s duties was “hiring.” As has been widely reported, MacKenzie departed the department following what emerged as allegations of sexual assault. He had been a candidate for Seekonk Police chief. Earlier this year, he was charged with the sexual assault of a police officer. 

Sherman remains an active police sergeant in Tisbury. Oak Bluffs resident Linda Carnegie, who said she’s known Sherman since he was born, described him as “a marvelous person and a great father — I’ve never known him to be anything but wonderful to women.”

Roman now works for the Westwood Police Department. Westwood Police Chief Jeffrey Silva said Roman, who has been there roughly a year, was “a top candidate out of over 200 applicants.” Chief Silva said he was “ecstatic to have someone of her qualities working here.” Silva described Roman as a “highly intelligent” and “highly credentialed” officer who gets along well with her fellow officers, and is well-liked in the community.

MCAD has not yet made a determination regarding Roman’s complaint. 



  1. This being cancel culture and all….I suggest the residents of MV cancel the TPD and have the State Police take over. A silent protest in front of the PD should make it clear to Sherman and Saloio that their shenanigans are not appreciated or acceptable. The fact that Saloio did not investigate this upon his arrival shows his ignorance. I am glad that Ms. Roman has landed on her feet.

  2. Just more shameful conduct and secrecy from our very own Tisbury police! I bet Selectman Jimmy wants to talk, he’s probably got a lot of explaining to do…

  3. What an absolute disgrace. Hopefully Sherman has a good lawyer who calls every former officer from TPD to join them in court. Be tough to find one officer (besides Meisner) who supports romans outlandish claims. She should be ashamed of herself

    • Islandresident– Why are you so sure her claims are “outlandish” ?
      She seems to have some pretty good documentation showing at least the possibility of a case that merits investigation.

      • Because some of us have known Max Sherman for years and it just doesn’t fit. He is one of the good ones. Kind, just, gentle with a great sense of humour. He is a wonderful father and husband whose wife just spent 8 months recovering from a terrible accident. It doesn’t sound like him at all. Anyone who knows him will tell you that.

        • “It doesn’t sound like him at all”
          That’s it? That’s the best you got to counter the claims against him?

          • Do I trust my personal experience of a man over allegations of someone I have never met? over a tabloid article? You bet. I’m sure there is a back story here, one that we are not going to know until the accused are allowed to defend themselves. Max Sherman is an officer in MY town, our children play together and when I tell you it doesn’t sound like him, I know what I’m talking about.

      • Amandine- you are a straight, white person… how can you compare your experiences with Miss Romans? She is a minority, gay person who from the sounds of it has suffered a great deal. I don’t think it’s right to downplay what has occurred.

        • I don’t think it’s very tolerant of you to discount Amandine’s lived experience just because the author is a “straight, white person.” Should the author just not contribute to the conversation because of their skin color or sexual preference? The author added relevant personal experience/knowledge to our understanding. Isn’t that what we want to encourage here?

          • What are you talking about? A white straight woman who has a social relationship with a white male person accused of sexual harassment in a male dominated work situation is comparing apples to oranges. A social relationship, even if you take sexuality and race out of the mix, is vastly different from work relationships. The reality of what a gay, non white female experience is us hardly like a social friend’s experience. OBGull’s comment is valid and a good point. Your comment is like trump getting mad when a reporter asks about Blacks being killed more than whites by white police, and then insisting that whites are killed more by police! Maybe people should check their white privilege at the door so that they can at least try to imagine what it’s like for those not white, male, or straight enough.

          • @Jackie – I sympathize with the point you are trying to make. You are right, this IS an “apples to oranges” situation. However, character witnesses are a long-established practice in our social construct. That’s all I read this as. Perhaps I’m wrong. No one (or at least, I was not) trying to discount the story of this poor woman and the plight she has faced in Tisbury, or anywhere else.

            The Trump comparison was cut deep Jackie. Cut real deep. I’ve always considered myself an ally of anyone who believed in the equality of all, and since Trump is basically the antithesis of this, that one stung. We could all reach to add a bit more empathy to our comments, wouldn’t you say?

          • Chilmark7, I’m sorry for the sting. You are right, the Trump comparison was unfair.
            Please understand that it’s a sting— and worse— to less privileged to be dismissed, and for raising pertinent, valid points. What women go through is systemic, otherwise you wouldn’t be defending a social friend’s opinion over the victim’s allegations that sure have a lot of meat to them.

    • Throwing this out there as a general comment about harassment, as I don’t know anyone involved in the case.

      I somewhat understand the instinct to defend our friends and acquaintances when things of this nature come up. But it’s so important to remember that abusers can often seem like they have dual personalities. You may only know one side of that coin. In different settings, other behaviors can emerge. The most objectively sadistic person I’ve ever known has a fabulous public reputation, making that person untouchable.

      Again, I’m not in a position to know firsthand how Sherman behaves, but at the same time, Roman deserves to be taken seriously and have her side heard. To say that she should be ashamed for speaking up is ridiculous.

      “Roman specifically alleges she “overheard Sherman refer to me as [expletive of anatomy] and ‘dyke.’ ”

      This is incredibly disturbing.

      • Well said, Jackie. I have noted on many occasions that some (absolutely not all) straight men are incredibly hostile and vulgar towards gay women. What initially surprised me was seeing this behavior even from men I would’ve otherwise deemed polite.

        • Gotta chime in. Years (and years) ago I took notes for a school committee here on the Island when one of the members (straight, white, male) given absolutely no provocation described a business person in the town as “that fat dyke.” Saw nothing wrong, apparently, in saying that in a public meeting. Yikes! I put my pen down and apologized to the members and left the meeting. One would always *hope* that things are better now, but I fear Aquinnah speaks the truth …

    • Amandine Hall:
      “Max Sherman is an officer in MY town, ”

      Huh? The town does not belong to you, just because you know a police officer and the kids play together. Loyalty to a friend is admirable, but thinking you can cancel out a plethora of evidence because you own Tisbury is nutty.

      This is also MY town, lady! And I know it very well, as I live in the middle of town. I recall encountering Sgt. Roman quite often, and she was always friendly and gave me a smile. A few times she responded to a complaint of some kind of mine, and she was always respectful and professional. I had no idea of her rank—that is, her climbing rank as she was promoted. She always treated me the same. In fact, I always thought it was nice to have an “nice young woman” on the local force. I am a senior citizen lady so it is quite OK for me to make this observation. Too bad we lost her, I’m glad she found a decent position elsewhere, and I look forward with curiosity to the outcome of this investigation.

  4. Not all, but certainly quite a few of these island officers from up island Chilmark to down island Tisbury need to go….they are a disgrace to the uniform they wear…so much corruption, lying and bullying and covering up in such a small island. The community deserves better….much better!!!

  5. Nice article Jackie!!! It hits the nail right on the head! It explains the accused individual to a tee. Check out his Facebook to see how he is portraying himself!

  6. This organization makes the harbormaster and the honeyboat look good. It was the dynamic duo of Saloio and Sherman that deprived Stevie Nichols of several civil rights last fall and then ended up backpedaling for six months thereafter following an “investigation” and a lawsuit. A regular Batman and Robin of Tisbury law enforcement. They have masks, they just need capes. It doesn’t matter if you are an 80-year old veteran, a crossing guard, gay, or Hispanic, they have got your number. How much does this all cost the town? The selectmen want to build a new police station so they can better serve you – ask Jim Rogers all about it and maybe this time he’ll go on record. Don’t worry about the $55 million for the school, though. Nothing to see here. Just keep moving along people…

        • Not in the least.
          3FeetTall has the same leadership qualities as The Greatest President This Nation Has Ever Known.

          • Unlike the President, every statement I have made in this forum is demonstrably true. You may not like my style, but the Chief, his subordinate, the harbormaster, the BOS, and the town manager have been proven incompetent time and again in recent years. It’s a waste of taxpayer money and they absolutely deserve to be called out on it in public without fear of retaliation.

          • 3 feet, who has proven that the the Chief, his subordinate, the harbormaster, the BOS, and the town manager have been proven incompetent, time and again in recent years, other than you?
            Could you have done any of those jobs better?
            What are your qualifications?
            Why have you failed to step up and do the jobs the right way?

  7. So wait……….. is there a position open in the Tizberry Police Department, that I can apply for?

  8. The lawsuit linked in this story from former LT Meisner is juicier than this story. It alleges (among other things) that the cop who got fired for lying (Officer Mark Santon) was roommates, friends and protected by Former selectmen Tristan Israel, who subsequently forced the former police chief out over Officer Santon’s firing. These two stories make it seem like Tisbury was a town where stand-up people were run out of town by cronyism and unprofessionalism… but of course, we’re only getting one side of the story.

  9. Kindia Roman, was a rarity on that esteemed law enforcement agency known as the Tisbury Police.
    Her brief tenure on the TPD revealed her to be unceasingly professional in all her conduct, always accessible with any question, …, prompt at returning phone messages (who does that anymore?), a real credit to the force.
    It is not surprising she was driven to leave the TPD, and especially by the colleague named in her lawsuit.
    In various face to face discussions I have had with that party, I was left with the impression there lacks a basic understanding of established police, and lawful, procedure. How this person passed the police academy is beyond me.
    But the same could be said for many others on the TPD, past and present. It is a well worn path to departing employment with the TPD and on to MCAD or ones personal attorney.
    This persistent atmosphere at the TPD may benefit current members, but it doesnt benefit the citizens of Tisbury.
    Needless to say, it didnt benefit Kindia Roman.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, James. I am bothered that some won’t even consider Roman’s claims just because they don’t know her. That’s never a reason to dismiss someone. Lots of bad things happen outside of our knowledge or circles.

  10. During the past 20 plus years the Tisbury PD has had numerous problems regarding the behavior of some of its officers. Some of these problems have been how they treat each other and have resulted in large pay outs which has been taxing on the residents. It’s time to consolidate our law enforcement on MV and redirect our thinking as to how to offer a smarter protect and serve ethic offered by a chosen roster of officers. Quality not quantity.

    • Should the State Police take over the policing on the Vineyard?
      They could treat the Island like it was an overtime traffic detail and ‘work from home’.

  11. Your so right Jack Squat
    I got to thinking about that last night and ended up going back at least 30 years. Things are kinda of a blur beyond that. Ah the good old days.
    It would be interesting to tally up the pay outs over the years.

    • Things are not as good as the use to be.
      They never were.
      Hindsight is seen through rose colored glasses.

  12. Roman and Sherman have each proven themselves to me to be extremely compassionate and highly professional individuals in their service interactions with the community. Unfortunately, how one serves their “customers” is very different than those service providers own work environment. Records show evidence of a pretty toxic work environment going decades back. That sounds like a town issue and one Tisbury should have addressed a long time ago and should be addressed now to remedy any continued tolerance of toxicity. I do not work in a toxic work environment, I know it would not be tolerated as do my co-workers. My leadership leads by example and we have a whistleblower policy that is honored. All of that seems to be missing here, it’s not the newer, younger heads that should roll for that, it’s the leadership in the force and town who should answer for it.

    • I think you are more of a “ConfusedCitizen”, the article says that Sherman started at TPD in 2015. He has also worked at another island PD previously… so he is not the “newer, younger head” at this point. This isn’t his first day on the job and it’s certainly not his first rodeo. He should have known better, but apparently he did not, so this is a tough lesson to learn for him but I hope it will stick.

  13. Could the MV Times please total up in an article the amount of money these bozos have cost the taxpayers for legal settlements, sinking boats and all?

    • They could list the taxpayers who voted for these bozos.
      It takes a bozo to vote for a bozo.
      Think Trump.

  14. “Informed Citizen”, who refuses to “inform” the citizens of their true identity, the Tisbury Police Dept has a “pretty toxic work environment” because of the actions of the accused persons in Kindia Roman’s legal filing. Not because of some “town issue” or being tolerated for too long by town officials.
    Kinda Roman’s filing has page after page of credible allegations Sherman et al, have NOT proven themselves to “be extremely compassionate” nor “highly professional individuals.”
    You do a disservice to the exemplary work record and professional accolades one of the two parties has received, while the other received the status as a Defendant in an MCAD complaint.

      • “InformedCitizen”, I use the name on my birth certificate, you do not.
        Unless your parents looked into your bright, intuitive eyes, believing “InformedCitizen” ought to be your name, you are the one hiding behind an alias.
        I guess the courage of your convictions extends no farther than your keyboard.
        My words about your concealment are not opinion based but factual.
        You are always welcome to your own opinion in this country, but your actions are consistent with the definition of cowardice.

  15. Detective After a year of service.. Sgt the next year? Doesn’t sound like anyone was crying discrimination until her Florida buddy was being shown the door and her act was up. Sgt. Sherman is one of the two or three who held that department somewhat together while Hanavan Meisner and Roman we’re heading out the door. I hope the truth comes out

    • Meisner and Roman were not “heading out the door”, they were driven out by a toxic cesspool.
      As for Sgt.Sherman holding anything together, it sure wasnt his professional obligations. Read Kindia Roman’s MCAD complaint.

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