Grease fire causes flooding at Linda Jean’s

A Linda Jean’s employee sweeps out water from the sprinkler systems activated by a grease fire in an upstairs apartment. — Lucas Thors

A grease fire that was started by a tenant cooking in one of the four upstairs apartments of Linda Jean’s Restaurant in Oak Bluffs Wednesday led to water damage on both floors, according to Oak Bluffs Deputy Fire Chief Manny Rose. The fire only burned inside the second-story apartment, and there was no fire damage to the downstairs restaurant, although there was water in the restaurant. Rose said the fire only went so far as burning the cabinets and a small portion of the upstairs ceiling. 

“Someone was cooking upstairs and got an oil fire going; it must have kind of exploded in their face, but no one was injured,” Rose said. 

Rose acknowledged the role the effective fire suppression system played in putting out the fire. “It’s good to see some sprinkler systems that really work,” Rose said.

He also thanked Tisbury emergency personnel for their assistance in the entire process. “It was a fast response from Oak Bluffs, and a great response from both towns,” Rose said. “I think they [Tisbury] deserve to be recognized for their help in providing station coverage.”

After the fire was extinguished (mainly by the sprinkler system), Rose said, the majority of the work was making sure the scene was safe and cleaned up. After The Times responded to the fire, everything had already been cleaned up, apart from some water that was being swept out of Linda Jean’s by an employee.

Linda Jean’s is open for business. 


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