COVID forces SSA to cancel ferry crossings

An employee assigned to the MV Martha's Vineyard tested positive for COVID-19 Friday forcing the ferry service to cancel two crossings. - Rich Saltzberg

Updated 6:45 pm

A crew member of the MV Martha’s Vineyard has tested positive for the novel coronavirus. 

The Steamship Authority canceled two crossings of the MV Martha’s Vineyard Friday afternoon after a vessel employee tested positive for COVID-19. The 12 noon and 1:15 pm crossings were canceled, according to an email alert from the SSA.

“The employee was a member of the crew that was scheduled to start their watch with the noon departure from Woods Hole. As a result, the noon departure of the MV Martha’s Vineyard from Woods Hole and its 1:15 pm departure from Vineyard Haven have been canceled,” the SSA said in a press release. “The authority has assigned a substitute crew to the vessel so it will be able to run the rest of its scheduled trips.”

“The employee last worked on the vessel on the watch that began with the noon trip on Saturday, Nov. 28, 2020,” a later release states, “and ended with the vessel’s 11:30 am arrival in Woods Hole on Sunday, Nov. 29, 2020. The employee subsequently developed symptoms of COVID-19 and was tested; the employee received the results Friday morning and immediately notified the authority. As the employee was a member of the crew that was due to take its watch with the noon departure of the MV Martha’s Vineyard from Woods Hole, that crew was instructed not to report for duty on the vessel.”

The SSA hasn’t released the crew member’s name for privacy reasons.

“Due to their typical work duties, the COVID-19-positive employee was unlikely to have any prolonged exposure with any member of the public during their work hours,” the release states.

Testing of the Martha’s Vineyard’s other crew members has been arranged, according to the release. 

Updated with more details from the SSA -Ed.

  • Prior to this COVID19 pandemic and the rebuilding of the docks in Woods Hole, the SSA had a tent structure built VIA the Gov. Because of 9/11. From what I understand that was not only set up for sun protection but for the State Police to inspect people for signs of terrorism.

    Today maybe they should be setting up a walk through line to test people for this virus before boarding. This includes passengers, visitors, employees. Would this be aster, more frequent, more efficient than waiting for an individual to come forward with symptoms?

    Some countries are setting up mist booths and light booths to kill the virus on exterior surfaces. It would be similar to going through a tan booth. Put on a dark pair of sunglasses then move through.

    Take care of yourselves out there its my life too that depends on it.

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