Oak Bluffs: Messages for the holidays

— Shelby Regan

Once again a light snow storm has draped a blanket of snow over the ground. If only it was as warm as the quilt it looks like — but it is cold now on the ground and in the air. These winter winds have brought down so many of the oaks in the forest park next to my house that everywhere I look I see open space. But on the plus side, I now can see the birds leaving the trees as they start their journey to the feeders. Each species seems to have a different approach and I can easily identify them as they start to fly toward their target. I love the bouncing of the chickadees and nut-hatches as they almost skip through the air. The woodpeckers look as if they are shopping in a store as they cling to the post near the feeder and look it over very carefully, being rather picky, before they start to feed on the treats. The reds of the cardinals and the flickers and woodpeckers continue to bring happy colors to the view.

“It’s not so much we give but how much love we put into giving,”  said St. Teresa of Calcutta, an Albanian humanitarian (1910 -1997).

This is true 100 years later. For what have we given during this past difficult year? Have our beliefs on what is important changed over these past months? Are we now satisfied with much less and sharing what we do have with those who are in need? What breaks our hearts more? Is it the loss of material goods, jobs, money or the loss of friends, family or those we love? Whatever you give, give with love.

Most of us still have much to celebrate this season, some more than others, so however or wherever you honor what you have been given, whether in a church, synagogue, Mosque or perhaps by a walk in the woods, give thanks with love.

Grab and Go meals will still be available for pickup at the Oak Bluffs School through Tuesday, Dec. 22. Please call the school at 508-693-0951 for information on the procedure. Classes for grades K through 8 will be fully remote on Wednesday, Dec. 23, but only on this one day. School dismissal will be at noon on the 23rd, and classes will resume on Monday, Jan. 4, 2021.

Our library is holding an outdoor scavenger hunt on Dec. 26 from 10 am to 1 pm. It will be Animal Tracking: woodland animals visited the library and left their footprints. Find all of the tracks in a scavenger hunt. Also use clues to figure out which animals belong to each footstep. Have fun being a nature detective.

On Dec. 26 from 5 to to 6 pm, join Virtual Cooking with Carolina. Every Saturday night, Carolina demonstrates how to make a new recipe from her home kitchen on Facebook Live. Join in at facebook.com/illuminateob.

The Neighborhood Convention board members have sent us this message:

“Our 2020 vision was not good enough for any of us to see what this year would be like. Who would have guessed the new meanings of ‘bubble’ and ‘uptick’? One word’s definition remains firm, however. We know that for Neighborhood Convention, PAUSE has begun and that it will end. We will be back. We hope you will be back with us. Meanwhile, we wish for you the gifts of love and peace always.”

We send birthday smiles to Caitlyn Francis and Ryan and Chris Rose on Dec. 25, Roger Schilling, Jr. on the 26th, Rick Tarter, Sonya Lima, Barbara BenDavid and my great-granddaughter Aiyanna Elizabeth Gibson on the 28th, and Ava BenDavid and Claudia Metell on the 31st.

Enjoy your week. See you next year. Peace.

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