Oak Bluffs: Council on Aging message

— Shelby Regan

“Ah, Friends, dear friends, as years go on and heads get gray,
How fast the guests do go!
Touch hands, touch hands, with those that stay. Strong hands to weak, old hands to young, around the Christmas board, touch hands.
The false forget, the foe forgive, for every guest will go and every fire burn low and cabin empty stand.
Forget, forgive, for who may say that Christmas day may ever come to host or guest again.
Touch hands! Touch hands!” —Author unknown

The year has wound down and who among us will see the New Year through to the end we know not. Stay healthy, wise, safe, and well and remember all who need your support. We send sincere condolences to the family and friends of Emma Hall who died tragically in an auto accident last week. Her amazing parents reached to all who were involved, not with anger but with love and understanding. What a marvelous example her parents set for us to live up to.

Estelle Surprenant’s daughter Renee Nolan sent me a message regarding some of the happenings at our Council on Aging and a charming note to me personally. I quote it here. “I just read your most recent column about the senior center. There are two Zoom classes that are offered. Monday at 8:45 is chair yoga and Thursday at 9 there’s a strength and balance class. Also, my sister, Muriel ORourke, is celebrating a big birthday on the 27th. I bet she’d be tickled if you mentioned it. Thanks and be well. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. P.S. I have to confess that I was in love with your husband as a kid and looked forward to our TV breaking down so he would come visit!!!”  Renee

We send birthday smiles to Abe Seiman on Jan. 1, Jen Araujo and Michelle Bettencourt on the 2nd, Nola Mavro, Chris Alley, and Nicole deBettencourt on the 3rd, Adam deBettenocurt on Jan. 4, Kate Feiffer and Jules BenDavid on the 5th, and Michael Araujo on Jan. 6.

An Irish Blessing

“May joy and peace surround us, contentment latch our door,
And Happiness be with us now, and bless us evermore.”

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  1. Covid Vaccine Distribution idea. What about having each Council on Aging on the Island be the Vaccination center for Seniors. Employ a visiting nurse to administer the vaccine, Seniors are familiar with their centers and would feel comfy going there, & it would help take the burden off the hospital staff and facility. There is parking and each facility is set up for the needs of our senior population.

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