Edgartown secures $1 million for wharf project

The town has received a $1 million state grant, one-third of the money needed for planned repairs.

The town of Edgartown secured a $1 million grant to fund part of its $3 million Memorial Wharf waterfront rehabilitation project.

The grant, which is shovel-ready, will replace portions of the wharf and pier that have reached the end of their service life, and provide maintenance to other structural elements that need service.

The grant is part of $3.8 million in Seaport Economic Council Grants given to nine projects in eight communities across the state. The grants support coastal communities with working waterfronts, local tourism, coastal resilience, and maritime innovation. The grants were approved on Feb. 24.

The rest of the project will need to be funded by town voters at annual town meeting. Voters will decide on spending $2 million through a Proposition 2½ debt exclusion at the ballot box.


  1. Ridiculous. Leave it just the way it is. Vineyard Stop DEVELOPING!!!!!!
    Have respect for the character of the island. The Edgartown Town Wharf is just fine the way it is. If it needs some repairs, go ahead . But let us enjoy the Edgartown Wharf exactly as we always have. It’s a classic.

  2. Just reread the article. Looks like it’s just a shoring up. Cool beans. All that money, and a $
    “$3 million dollar waterfront rehabiltation project” makes me nervous. I hope these things will be overseen very closely so that not a drop of Edgartown’s waterfront is altered or disturbed. Enhancement means different things to different people. I am leary of development!

  3. Thanks for your concern Emily. I fished off the Town Dock as a little kid, next to local families hand lining for their supper. I danced my butt off at dock dances on warm summer nights. I helped repair the pier for the last 50+ years as a dock builder, When the Memorial Wharf Restoration Committee (MWRC) was formed in 2015/16 the main objective of the town was and still is to repair and/or rebuild the structure and keep it just the way it is. The Pavillion is now all rebuilt and meets code requirements, Phase One. The grant we received will help, if the Town allocates the rest of the funds required, move the now reinforced Pavillion into the parking lot, replace the timber pier it sits on (two feet higher), move the Pavillion back onto the new pier and completely repair and raise the steel bulkhead, Phase Two. When the Woods Hole Group completes their ongoing assessment of the waterfront area and the rest of Dock Street is ready, the parking lot will be raised to help accommodate anticipated sea level rise, Phase Three. It will look just as it does but hopefully your grand kids won’t get their feet wet at high tide.The MWRC would like to thank all those who helped us get this grant especially Christine Flynn at the MVC, James Hagerty our Town Administrator, Harbormaster Charlie Blair, Child’s Engineering and Juliet Mulinare our assistant.

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