The Times welcomes Bluedot Living


The Martha’s Vineyard Times Company will launch Bluedot Living, a sustainable lifestyle magazine, in late May. 

Bluedot, published in a partnership with Bluedot, LLC, an organization founded by Victoria Riskin of West Tisbury, will be distributed free (at Cronig’s and other Island outlets) on May 28, July 23, and Oct. 22. In 2022, The Times will publish the magazine quarterly. Bluedot Living will host an accompanying website, which will be live on May 27, and email a weekly newsletter. 

Bluedot Living joins the MVTimes’ growing stable of awardwinning color magazines, all printed on recycled stock — Edible Vineyard, MV Arts & Ideas, and Vineyard Visitor.

“We gave Bluedot Living the tagline ‘At Home on Earth,’” Times associate publisher and Bluedot editor Jamie Kageleiry said. “Bluedot will feature stories on Islanders aiming to live more sustainably. Our first issue includes a story about Tom Chase’s wild ideas for our backyards; a family that restored a sandplain and built a gorgeous zero-energy South Mountain home; Catherine Walthers’ cultivation of (and recipes for) microgreens; a feature exploring what’s so bad (and good) about nitrogen (along with a stunning photo essay on shellfishing by Claire Callagy); and an essay by Laura D. Roosevelt about her frugal mother.”

Island photographers and illustrators Randi Baird, Bob Gothard, Jeremy Driesen, Kate Feiffer, and Elissa Turnbull will appear regularly in the magazine. Bluedot Living will feature a regular car column called “Cruising with Currier,” an advice column (“Ask Dot”), and Mollie Doyle’s column, “Room for Change?” in which she will explore ways we might reconsider what (and how) we buy for our homes, along with an indispensable handbook on how, what, and where to recycle on M.V., where to compost, and a list of volunteer opportunities. 

Kageleiry will be working with co-editor Leslie Garrett, a longtime environmental reporter and part-time Islander. 

“Climate change can feel overwhelming,” Kageleiry said. “People end up feeling guilty for what they’re not doing, or worse — paralyzed. We thought it made sense to tell local stories, and feature Islanders in our veritable backyards addressing challenges in ways big and small — people such as Liz Durkee at the MVC, and Noli Taylor at Island Climate Action Network — the people and organizations who will help chart our way forward as a community.”

Riskin, who was a longtime member of the board of Human Rights Watch and a former television producer and president of the Writers Guild of America West, plans to launch Bluedot Living Magazines in other locations in North America over the next few years. 

“We’ve reached a tipping point where people want to know what they can do to protect the place and people they love and feel ready for the challenges,” Riskin said. “Each community is unique, with its own ecosystem to protect and preserve. What we do to care for Martha’s Vineyard will be different from what folks do in Santa Barbara, the town where I used to live. The Blüedot Living vision will begin here and then aims to help others develop their local magazines, celebrate their heroes and publish stories that inform, inspire and entertain.”


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