Katama Kitchen wins airfield bid


The Katama Kitchen will be taking over the restaurant space at Katama Airfield, and plans to be up and running this summer.

At an Edgartown select board meeting Tuesday, Katama Airfield commissioner Bill Brine informed board members the Shai family, who will run Katama Kitchen, had the winning bid through a request for proposals (RFP) process to take over the space, beating out the Edgartown Diner and Jesse Strauss.

Brine said the restaurant will be open in the third week of May, and will have a “familiar menu.”

“The Katama Kitchen will be a family-friendly restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and early dinners from May through October,” Brine said.

The Shais are no strangers to the business in Edgartown and Oak Bluffs. Siblings Evan Shai, Zared Shai, and Megan Shai Brown, father Raphael Shai, and mother Nancy Shai are responsible for Backyard Taco, Dos, Smooth Moves, Megan’s Jewelry and Dresses, Vineyard Jewelry, and Body Art Jewelry.

“We’re excited to take the spot and get it up and running,” Evan Shai said.

The Shais will take over the space following the departure of Jamie Langley who, after 15 years running the Right Fork Diner, decided not to submit a bid to run her restaurant at the airfield.

In other business, the select board approved outdoor dining requests for the Seafood Shanty, Among the Flowers, Edgartown Diner, and L’Etoile. The Port Hunter also applied for the same outdoor dining it received last year, but select board members said this year the goal was to keep the town’s downtown sidewalks open for pedestrians. Last year the Port Hunter closed off a section of the sidewalk to accommodate outdoor dining.

“No one complained about your establishment, but there were some stores that had some concerns about customers having to be diverted around the sidewalk and their stores were missed,” board member Michael Donaroma said.

Board members gave Port Hunter owner Patrick Courtney the option to come back to the board with a revised outdoor dining plan that would allow for people to walk on the sidewalk.


  1. Sad to see Right Fork gone, excited to see what the kitchen will be cooking up this summer!
    Can’t wait. Good luck to you.

  2. Does the town of Edgartown offer any final verdict on the Farm Institute? Or are they still farming out offers, so to speak? Hoping island children can return to camp there this summer and despite the ongoing negotiations, I would like to know who would benefit from erasing hands on, outdoor, children’s agricultural education on MV.

    • The Farm Institute must continue to provide a venue for teen age girls, from up scale communities, to experience the joy of cow poop squishing up between their toes.

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