Baker relaxes outdoor mask order

Subject to public health and vaccination data, Baker calls for all industry restrictions to be lifted by August 1.

Gov. Charlie Baker is lifting the requirement to wear masks outdoors as of April 30.

Starting Friday, masks will no longer be required outdoors as long as social distance is maintained, according to new guidance from Gov. Charlie Baker.

Face coverings will only be required outside when it’s not possible to socially distance and at other times required by specific guidance. The new guidance is only for outdoors as face coverings will still be required at all times for indoor public places and at events held indoors or outdoors except when eating or drinking.

Boards of health spokesperson and Tisbury health agent Maura Valley said: “At this point I’m not sure how the governor’s announcement will affect local orders. This issue will need to be discussed with the health agents and our boards of health to determine next steps.”

Several other reopening changes are also set for the following weeks. On Monday, May 10, road races and other large outdoor organized athletic events will be allowed to take place with staggered starts after submitting safety plans to local boards of health. Youth and amateur adult sports will be allowed, singing will be permitted indoors with distancing requirements at restaurants and event venues. 

Beginning May 29, gathering limits will increase to 200 people indoors and 250 people outdoors for event venues both public and private. Street festivals, parades, agricultural festivals can open at 50 percent capacity and bars, beer gardens, breweries, wineries can have seated service only with a 90 minute limit subject to public health and vaccine data and after submitting plans to boards of health. Restaurant guidance will also be updated, per public health data, to eliminate food served with alcohol and to increase the maximum table size to 10.

If public health and vaccine data continues to trend in a positive direction on August 1, all industry restrictions will be lifted and capacity will increase to 100 percent of all industries and gathering limits will be rescinded. 

Vaccine forum

The Communication Ambassador Partnership is hosting its second COVID-19 forum Wednesday night at 7 pm. The forum will focus on information on vaccinations and feature panelist discussion and an opportunity for the public to ask questions. The forum will also be featured in both English and Portuguese. The Zoom link for the forum can be found here or by webinar ID: 916 2345 6440 with passcode: 120029.

The Martha’s Vineyard boards of health reported 11 cases of COVID-19 in the past two days — nine on Sunday and two on Monday.

Last week, the boards of health reported 61 confirmed cases in a decline of total weekly positive results from previous weeks.


  1. The headline was about masks, but the real gem of the article is that indoor singing is coming back! The heart of the Island is its music and songs. It will be good to have it back! Musicians and singers, we’ve missed you!

  2. Our President wore double masks today during a meeting with world leaders…a ZOOM meeting! What an idiot and embarrassment to the country.

    • For those too lazy and too gullible to fact check all the garbage they’re so happy to swallow and repeat online, all the climate summit leaders were wearing masks at the meeting Axel refers to, except for one brief screen grab which makes Biden appear to be the only one. More important, Biden was NOT alone in the room where he zoom met for this climate summit, and so everyone was
      wearing a mask. Apparently, only Democrats are smart enough to realize why Biden responsibly wears a mask. Embarrassing oneself on MV Times by repeating easily negated lies seems to be what Republicans do. And the Times is only too happy to provide a platform for misleading information and spreading lies.

      • I wonder if some of the commentators here believe that story that hate wing news has been screaming about lately– you know — that fake story that Biden’s climate plan is going to allow people to eat only one hamburger a month ?
        my guess is that we could name them …


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