Oak Bluffs: Community parks

— Shelby Regan

I had a friend ask me if I ever remember May as being so cold for so long. I think this is the coldest May in memory, but at this age my memory sometimes cannot be trusted. Sunday last brought sunshine, and greetings, flowers, gifts, and cards from children and grandchildren. Family members worked diligently to clean the flower beds and repair the winter damage to the shrubs. I optimistically filled the humming bird feeders and they were hung on the pole. Within the hour Buzzy, as he is fondly called, was buzzing and dancing back and forth between the feeder and the new catnip plant in the garden. Grandson Jeremy started his vegetable seeds early in the sunroom and now we have a box with lettuce ready to harvest. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, my favorite source for information and humor, “Lettuce is like conversation. It must be fresh and crisp, so sparkling that you scarcely notice the bitter in it.” Charles Dudley Warner, American editor (1829-1900).

The group Friends and Neighbors of Sunset Lake has been working and planning for 10 years, with appropriate officials of the Oak Bluffs government to remediate issues in the park. It started as a group of neighbors cleaning and helping to maintain the park. Please drive by the lake today to see what so many dedicated departments and people have accomplished. This includes the CPC, CONCOM, parks, and highway department, waste water department, Campground board, Friends of Oak Bluffs, selectmen and the citizens of Oak Bluffs, who at town meeting a year ago in April, voted to approve $600,000 to start this project. The plans are to help Oak Bluffs’ very visible park be more functional, user friendly, and aid in the parking issue around O.B. by providing bike racks, and aid in the abatement of water issues surrounding it. Now you can see the cleaning of the lake is already in process, and sidewalks are laid out to enable people to walk around the park safely, and it will allow wheelchair and handicapped access for everyone to enjoy this beautiful area. Many thanks to all those people and departments for working hard to continue to make us all “Proud to be from O.B.”

Sunday, May 16 is going to be Niantic Park Community Clean-up Day. From 1 to 3 pm, join with everyone who would like to keep Oak Bluffs clean and beautiful. Make it a family project by bringing your children and friends. You will need to bring rakes and gloves. Snacks, water, sanitizer, and trash bags will be provided. If you have any questions, please contact Vernika Buckley at Vandergear@gmail.com. This is a great project for getting out in the spring air and helping our town.

The Oak Bluffs School has a great greenhouse and garden program. Now the public will benefit from all their hard work. The school’s annual plant sale will be held on May 19, 20, and 21 from 10:15 to 11:15 am. There will be contact-free pickup for your favorite vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Come to the school’s front entrance where orders are packaged and processed by students. Cash and checks are accepted, and all proceeds support the Oak Bluffs School garden program

We send birthday smiles to Steve Garvin on May 14; Andrew Farrissey, Louse Dahil, and Heidi Jardin on the 18th; and Keith Crossland and Jaime and John Pachico on the 20th.

Enjoy your week. Peace.

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