Church Street chargers installed by March

The new VTA charging station on Church Street is set to begin construction after the summer season. — Brian Dowd

The Vineyard Transit Authority is set to begin work on installing inductive chargers at the Church Street bus stop in Edgartown later this year.

The VTA is taking a phased approach to construction at Church Street. VTA administrator Angela Gompert told the select board Monday that the project is expected to begin this fall and be finished by March 1, 2022.

“Thank you all for the last three years. It’s been a bit of a marathon … we’re excited to be proceeding and make some improvements to that area,” Gompert said. She added that the expected completion date was to give the VTA extra time if needed.

Edgartown voters overwhelmingly approved the Church Street project at town meeting last month.

At the 2020 town meeting, Edgartown residents voted 96-83 for a committee to review the Church Street project, which seeks to improve the landscape of the street and install induction chargers for the VTA’s growing fleet of electric buses. That committee gave an unbridled endorsement of the project.

In order to accommodate its fleet of electric buses, the VTA wants to install overnight, slow-charging stations at its headquarters at the Airport Business Park. In order to extend the operational range of the electric buses, the VTA proposes induction charging pads that wirelessly boost each bus battery, almost like a wireless phone-charging port.

In addition to the inductive chargers, the VTA will redo landscaping and other improvements to the area — all with federal funding.

“We’re happy to see a project put into place that is obviously at no cost to the town, and will be very beneficial to the community,” town administrator James Hagerty said.


    • Headline has been corrected. In our defense, it’s about 130 degrees in our newsroom today with the AC not functioning and MV’s typical natural AC (wind) no where to be found.

  1. What has not been corrected is the waste of taxpayer money on this feel good project for a few.

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