Charge against shellfish constable dismissed

A property defacement charge was dismissed against Paul Bagnall Tuesday in Edgartown District Court. -Rich Saltzberg

A property defacement charge against Edgartown shellfish constable Paul Bagnall was dismissed Tuesday in Edgartown District Court. The prosecution recommended dismissal of the charge contingent on $1,500 restitution. The defense agreed to the terms, and Judge Benjamin Barnes accepted the arrangement. The dismissal came just as a bench trial on the charge was about to start. 

During the autumn of 2020, Bagnall was charged by Edgartown Police for trespassing and malicious destruction of property after he allegedly tore up a neighbor’s lawn on purpose with a town pickup truck. Bagnall, or at least his town-issued truck, was allegedly caught on camera. 

Probable cause for a refined charge of property defacement was subsequently found at a clerk-magistrate’s hearing. Bagnall was arraigned before District Court Judge Paul Pino on Dec. 31, 2020, and pleaded not guilty, A bench trial was eventually set for June 15. 

Bagnall made no comment in court, and could not immediately be reached for comment. Asked what the municipal ramifications were for Bagnall, Edgartown town administrator James Hagerty said Tuesday afternoon, “I’m not going to comment on ongoing personnel matters.”


  1. Whatever, the outcome of this particular incident, I am sure most people will agree that Paul has done excellent over the years.

  2. Thank you James Hagerty for handling this in a very professional manner. No comment is the right comment.

    • Yes let’s the good old boy network continue and keep the public in the dark over personal issues. It may not be time to be releasing the information but at some point we all should know what sort of punishment a town employee has doing damage with town property. Let’s not forget this is all taxpayer dollars and we need accountability.

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