Twins at the farm


Updated July 15

A cow at Northern Pines Farm in Vineyard Haven recently had not one, but two calves. Twins. The cows are owned by Ralph Packer, but cared for by his daughter, Liz Packer. She told the Times that the calves are just over 2 weeks old. 

Typically, cows only have one calf because their gestation period is a little more than 9 months, so they can only manage one. For this reason, if a mother has twins, she usually only accepts one. However, this mother cow accepted both of the calves, and both are in excellent health.

“We hope to take them both to the fair this year,” Packer said.

Updated to correct the gestation period.


  1. They are beautiful and just like humans they love their families . Hopefully, they will have long happy lives together. Cows are no different than dogs. They all deserve love and the right to live in peace. Cows are descendants of the Aurochs, who were here long before humans, so clearly animals were not put here for humans to eat. Love and blessings to this Mother and her children.

    • yes Glen you are correct 9 months from conception. Considering the whole process of conditioning “resting period” between calves and time for Bull to make his contribution does involve a good year.

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