Man who struck cruiser could face additional charge

The motorist who allegedly sideswiped a Tisbury Police cruiser may face a more serious charge. — Rich Saltzberg

A man charged by State Police in connection with the February sideswiping of a Tisbury Police cruiser learned Thursday morning that he may face a stiffer charge than those already leveled against him. A dump truck operated by Reniclis Albino allegedly totaled the cruiser it hit on the Lagoon Pond Bridge, and sent Tisbury Police Officer Patrick Souza to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital with minor injuries.

Albino came before Judge Edward Lynch in Edgartown District Court Thursday on charges of unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, a marked lanes violation, and an expired inspection sticker. Albino pleaded not guilty to those charges in June. Through a Portuguese interpreter, Judge Lynch told Albino his charges don’t qualify for court-appointed counsel. Albino resolved to represent himself. Cape and Islands Assistant District Attorney Michael Preble told the court a new charge of negligent operation of a motor vehicle was anticipated. 

Judge Lynch told Albino an investigation “might result in a charge of operating to endanger,” and for efficiency’s sake, the matter would best be carried over until November.

Judge Lynch said hopefully by then, “the investigation will be complete and we’ll know what exactly we’re dealing with.”

Albino’s next court date was scheduled for Nov. 4.


  1. So in little old sleepy Tisbury, the Tisbury Police Department with the assistance of the extremely busy Cape and Islands district attorney’s office cannot finish a simple traffic accident investigation. Really, how inept are these folks who purport to uphold the law? Further, the minority suspect, who does not speak English; is told through an interpreter he doesn’t qualify for a court appointed attorney…. At which point the District Attorney and Tisbury Police then decide to up the charge??? This is shameful behavior on the part of the DA & TPD, and I would say it clearly appears racist!

    • Anthony, it is common for an outside agency to handle an investigation like this. The State Police handled this. Charges can be amended at any time prior to the actual trial at the DA/Judge’s discretion. Given the circumstances, this isn’t racist at all. The charge of negligent operation is a twofold charge. The other fold being operating to endanger which is an enhanced charge.

      • Really Chris? Really???? Six and a half months to investigate a collision, that’s ridiculous. Up the charge after it becomes apparent the man is going to have to represent himself??? Take your head out of the sand and pay attention to how that town has treated minorities. Multiple law suits etc.

        • As of the present, there are two open MCAD lawsuits as reported here by the MV Times.

          Innocent until proven guilty. Regardless of heads in the sand, the due process rights of everyone involved are paramount to the sanctity of the judicial hearings that will take place. Motor vehicle charges usually do not meet the threshold to be eligible for a public defender.

          Also, the Edgartown District Courthouse has just recently reopened fully. They have been swamped with cases from months, and even years ago now. I’ve recently spoken with an employee at the Courthouse, and they are just catching up.

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