Vaccinations are proven effective


To the Editor:

I must respond to Katherine Scott’s holier-than-thou outrage over a previous letter, which, though somewhat over the top, and certainly tongue-in-cheek, made the salient point that it is a duty to the community (in fact, to the country) for everyone to get their vaccinations to stop COVID, as soon as possible.

While there are many immune-compromised people who have valid reasons to not get vaccinated, to assert that there are “religious reasons” as well strikes me as ludicrous. Is not the injunction to “Do unto others …” one of the core tenets of all religions? Getting your shots protects not only yourself, but also prevents the illness from spreading to one’s family and neighbors.

People have gotten injections to protect themselves against polio, smallpox, etc., etc., for many decades. The safety of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations have been proven by the millions of us who have accepted the validity of the science behind their development and have not suffered as a result. Though a small minority of the new COVID cases have affected people who’ve been vaccinated, the vast majority of serious cases are those of unvaccinated individuals, and the spread of the pandemic has been overwhelmingly within the regions of the country where vaccinations have lagged.

The only way we (meaning everyone in the world) will ever return to “normal” is if everyone gets their shots.


Steve Auerbach
Oak Bluffs