COVID cases fall to 39

nicole jackson

There were 39 cases of COVID-19 reported between Sept. 5 and 11 last week, according to Chilmark health agent Marina Lent. 

No official weekly report is being issued by the boards of health this week, but daily numbers of new cases show there were seven cases Sunday, Sept. 5, five on Monday, Sept. 7, four cases Tuesday, seven on Wednesday, six on Thursday, eight on Friday, and two on Saturday.

This week there have been 13 new cases reported — 10 on Sunday and three on Monday.

The Martha’s Vineyard Hospital does not have any COVID positive hospitalizations and has not had any COVID positive transfers since September 8.

Last week, the boards of health reported 62 new cases and the week before that reported 79 cases. Cases were at their third highest in mid-August, but have been on a downward trend since.


  1. The island wide mask mandate went into effect on August 17 th.
    Look at the graph above and tell me if indoor masking mandates work or not.

  2. You are mistaking correlation for causation. I’m going to say the massive decrease in summer population has something to do with the decrease

    • Well, Robert, we all have our ways of interpreting facts and statistics, don’t we ?
      Of course. i know that the mask mandate is not totally responsible for this rapid decline..
      My point was to mock those who take a cornel of truth and turn it into an alternative fact.
      But really, the fact is that cases have declined since the mandate–
      Here, you and i have an opinion— Yes , there has been a drastic decline in the Vineyard’s population– but we also had a mask mandate— who’s to say that either of our opinions are correct ? such is the conundrum —

  3. Since August 1st — over the past 6 weeks — 436 new Covid19 cases have been confirmed on Martha’s Vineyard ISLAND. Again, our rural triage hospital has only 27 beds — in total — and 3 ventilators — available for our entire Vineyard community and, still sizable, shoulder season visitor population. The Covid19/Delta variant is 40-60% more contagious than the original Wuhan strain, with 1000% greater lung viral load. It can easily become deadly. For every single person infected, ~9 other people become infected. There is NO reason to relax yet! We MUST remain proactive and vigilant and we just *might* be able to escape our reckless health choices this summer.


    *Vaccinate*Mask-Up (inside/outside)*6′ Social Distance*Quarantine If Symptomatic*Test*


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