Cribbage Club results


The Vineyard Cribbage Club met on Oct. 6 at the American Legion Hall in Edgartown for another great week of cribbage.

Twenty-three players participated, with the results as follows: Albert Whittier came in first with a Grand Slam (winning ALL games) 14/6 +144 card; in second place was Jack Silvia, also with a Grand Slam 14/6 +136 card; Mike Smith was third with a 11/5 +86 card; Albion Alley was fourth with a 11/5 +47 card; fifth place went to Vicki Thurber with a 10/4 +48 card, Lucy Smith was sixth with a 9/4 +51 card.

We had a total of 12 skunks (winning a game by more than 30 points), and a total of four 24 hands by Dick Kelly, Neale Bassett, Vicki Thurber, and Kathy Kinsman.

If you play cribbage, please come and check us out. We play every Wednesday at 6 pm sharp.



  1. Last summer I think I saw 12 skunks in just one evening around Tabernacle Circle. This summer didn’t seem as skunky on the island. Maybe that was just luck.

    I also had no idea that skunk was used as a cribbage term.

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