Poet’s Corner

Courtesy Ellie Bates

I carry 

By Ellie Bates

I carry six thick green stalks heavy with golden flowers three inches wide 

hundreds of pointed petals around a topaz center and heart shaped leaves 

my arms tire with the weight as I walk between rows of ten foot sunflowers 

I carry the admiration for a farm that grows beauty and cultivates joy 

sustains us with fresh vegetables, eggs and meats late into the fall 

I carry gratitude that I am strong enough to participate in this August glean 

I carry optimism in every stem, spread rays of sunshine over negativity 

I carry acceptance that the glory of the day will not last forever 

I carry the memory of sunflowers to heal my pain of what might have been

Ellie Bates lives in Edgartown year-round and enjoys writing poetry with the Cleaveland House Poets and M.V. Poets’ Collective.

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