Recycle those printer cartridges


The League of Women Voters of Martha’s Vineyard has drop boxes for used printer inkjet cartridges in all six towns. The cartridges are sent to a recycler, keeping them out of landfills. The two new drop boxes are in the Aquinnah and Chilmark town halls, and the others are in the libraries in West Tisbury, Vineyard Haven, Oak Bluffs, and Edgartown. Questions? Contact Irene Ziebarth at 202-680-8076, or


  1. Purchasing ” ink tank ” type printers is a better solution.

    They have large capacity ink storage that gets refilled with bottles of ink.

    The ink itself is not expensive.

    The cartridges that have electronics within them are the costly and wasteful portion

  2. I have a question. What does “recycled” mean in this case ? Does the “recycler” get them back to some place that refills them ?
    That would be my guess , given the electronics that are embedded in them, but it is not at all clear from the article that this is not just an expensive way of recovering a little bit of plastic.
    if these are actually going to be refilled and reused, it should be noted here.
    Reuse is different than recycle..
    There is not enough information here for me to seek these drop boxes out rather than just put them in my normal recycling bin.
    Does the league sell these to recover some of their costs or turn a profit ?– that would be great if they made a profit on this.
    I see I can ask questions on email , but I think it better to ask the questions here to provide more information to an audience of more than one.
    I hope Irene responds on this forum.

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