Cable snaps on SSA transfer bridge

A Steamship Authority maintenance crew works on the transfer bridge in Vineyard Haven Saturday morning. -Rich Saltzberg

A cable supporting the transfer bridge at the Steamship Authority’s Vineyard Haven terminal snapped on Nov. 26, crippling the bridge. 

The incident occurred in or around the last run of the night Friday, terminal agent Leigh Cormie said. At 9:45 am Saturday, a two-person SSA team was at work on the bridge. Cormie said at that time the repair was moments away from completion. 

“There were no delays or cancellations,” SSA spokesman Sean Driscoll said. Driscoll wasn’t able to speak to the cause of the break. Driscoll later said the bridge went back into service before noon on Saturday. In May 2020, a cable at the same transfer bridge snapped and sent a 20,000-pound block of counterweights into Vineyard Haven Harbor. That incident pinned the ferry Martha’s Vineyard under the bridge.

The SSA has been guarded about video footage of that incident, repeatedly refusing to release the footage to The Times. The SSA has claimed the footage is exempt from disclosure under the state’s public records law.


  1. If everything is above boards why refuse to release footage? Seems like refusing to do that raises doubts..

  2. Could the SSA at least turn the parking lot webcams back on so anyone considering standby travel can see the actual “current status”? The numbers on the website are not refreshed regularly, and I know the staff has other things to do. The standby cam provides critical information to the SSA’s customers without draining staff resources.

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