Sign maker to get a three-pound lobster

Menemsha Fish Market's sign has gone missing. — courtesy Menemsha Fish Market

Updated December 6

A person has stepped forward offering to build a new sign for Menemsha Fish Market after the store’s unique sign went missing recently.

Steven Galbreath, a member of the Facebook group Islanders Talk, offered to make a new sign for the market after owner Stanley Larsen offered a three-pound lobster as a reward.

“Yes! Sounds like a plan. We got a deal!” Larsen said in a comment on the post. 

Menemsha Fish Market offered a three-pound lobster as a reward for anyone who found and returned their missing sign. The offer was made in a Facebook post by the fish market on Thursday, asking people to help in the search for the sign. 

“It’s hard to say what could’ve happened,” Stanley Larsen, owner of Menemsha Fish Market, told the Times. 

Larsen does not think the sign was stolen. Rather, he believes a strong gust of wind might have blown the sign down. Larsen suggested it could possibly have blown into the harbor. 

Anyone who finds the original sign and wants to return it can contact Menemsha Fish Market at 508-645-2282, or at its physical address of 54 Basin Road in Chilmark.

Updated to report a deal made between Menemsha Fish Market and Steven Galbreath.  –Ed.


      • An offer of a 3 pound lobster to anyone who will return their missing sign would indicate that someone stole their sign; that’s what I was responding to. If it’s another story altogether then this headline and first paragraph of the story are misleading.
        Glad that all is well for Stanley!

        • So, the answer is no you didn’t read the article? In the future, you may want to read the entire article. If you’d have read this entire article, you would have read the third paragraph where Stanley says he doesn’t think the sign was stolen, but the wind got ahold of it. When you see a flyer offering a reward for a missing cat, do you automatically assume someone stole the cat because a reward is being offered?

          • Dude, keep your shirt on. It was an innocent mistake. My screen wouldn’t let me read the whole story.
            Love you Stanley!! I always want things to go well for Stanley.

          • no need to be snarky…. maybe the title shouldve said, sign is gone – maybe the wind took it, if not, a reward is available… its a great time of year to be nice and understanding…

  1. Someone in the Facebook group, Islanders Talk, offered to make a new sign in exchange for that 3 pound lobster. I believe the offer was accepted. Everyone is happy… except the lobster!

  2. My first Town Meeting, back in the 70′ s in old Gay Head, there was much to say about what to do about missing signs. It seemed the town would put them up , and a week later they were gone. The town just didn’t have the money to keep replacing. I was shocked! Many years later…I was working in Negril , Jamaica, during the “Spring Break”. Yes, tens of thousands of American students on holiday from their pricey college educations. I was having coffee with the artist in residence for “Margaritaville” , a student travel services destination. Her manager interrupted us to ask where the signs she painted were? She gasped and said, but, I put out three signs, that I painted, last night before the nights party. He said, well they are gone. After coffee, I decided to find a remote place to unwind on my day off , away from the crowds. Tourism can be challenging, but, Spring Break can be madness. 8-10 miles away, I found a small hotel with a pool, with nobody at it. I took a dip and laid back on a lounge chair and breathed in the peace. And, then , I heard them…a half dozen chatty gals form the University of Connecticut , arrived going on about the fun they had at the foam party the previous night. Before , I could flee this intrusion, I heard one say…”we’ve got to go back to “Margaritaville”. we need to go dig up the signs we buried last night, they’ll go so nice with the ones we got in Spain last summer.” There’s something about signs…Hoping Stanley get’s his sign back.

  3. Virginia– some signs are more susceptible to being stolen than others.
    I think the signs for “high street” are missing in most towns..

    • HaHa
      On my visits to the West of England, my great Aunt Gwen would always refer to the main street in any town as “The High Street” which is an English thing.

  4. Quite the community we live in when Stanley gets his Menemsha Fish Market sign back in days, while the Tisbury Police Dept, with its heads buried in the sand, still has not found the “missing” Glock gun.
    The moral of the story can only be nominating Stanley Larsen to take charge of the investigation, certain to have it solved in days with that sort of record.

    • Well, no, James, they’d have to “find” a replacement look-alike Glock, leaving the original gun still out there. The original fish sign is still gone and may be at the bottom of the harbor. Maybe the gun is there, too.

      Years ago the old Gaymark barrel sign went missing. The owners convinced themselves it was stolen as a souvenir, but in reality some very disgruntled employs stole it and smashed it. I can’t remember who told me or who the employees were or why they were so mad, but I believed the whole story at the time because it made such sense. Most of the time when you hear hooves it really is from horses, not zebras, but not always.

      Years ago my neighbor had a sign made for my house which I hung on a tree at the head of my drive. Some time later the sign disappeared. I convinced myself it had been stolen by someone who doesn’t like me, lol. Weeks later I found the sign under some leaves beneath the tree. The sign had blown down.

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