DeSantis cites Martha’s Vineyard for immigration destination

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, shown here during the 2021 Student Action Summit hosted by Turning Point USA in Florida, is trying to relocate undocumented immigrants from Florida. One possible location is Martha's Vineyard. — Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

During a press conference on Friday, Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Florida, proposed spending $8 million to send undocumented immigrants out of Florida through contractors. He cited Martha’s Vineyard as a possible destination. 

“It’s somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but it is true. If you sent them to Delaware or Martha’s Vineyard or some of these places, that border would be secure the next day,” DeSantis said during the press conference. 

DeSantis said during the press conference this was a part of his response to deal with “the fallout of reckless border policies of the Biden administration.” 

Some Florida Democrats see the taxpayer-funded immigration program as DeSantis’s ploy to boost his own political ambitions, according to the Miami Herald. 

The DeSantis comment is similar to what some Democrats saw as a political stunt orchestrated by U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. In October, Cruz introduced the “Stop the SURGE Act” and mentioned Martha’s Vineyard as a possible destination — a nod toward former President Barack Obama having a home on the Island.


  1. These clowns are dragging out their greatest hits to distract from the sh*t show that is the republican party. They’ll dangle any shiny object to keep people from watching the disaster unfolding with the January 6 Committee. Been watching them desperately tweeting about immigrants, BLM protests from 2020, Hunter Biden’s laptop, socialism, Hillary’s emails. Its pathetic, but not surprising. Their lunacy and hypocrisy is shameful and a global embarrassment.

  2. Speaking for myself, I would welcome refugees here.

    Not sure why Ron DeathSantis see them as such a terrible thing.

  3. Cruz and DeSantis are Trumphole wannabes, both extremists in their own right. I would not trust either one to show any compassion to immigrants, many of whom are already living here; and certainly more would be welcomed. It’s high time that Congress deals with the immigrant issue in a compassionate and effective way.

  4. Marthas Vineyard does not need any illegal undocumented border crossing people here. neither does Florida or any other state in this country. But it is funny how the crazy lunatic left think it’s OK for people just to pour into the country at free will. Not to mention we have no idea how many are coming that have never been vaccinated or tested.

    • Oh, Bob.

      Let’s get one thing straight: I do not believe that ANYONE thinks “it’s OK for people just to pour into the country at free will,” regardless of political affiliation. And a question to you: where is your family from? Does your family go back to the indigenous tribes that were the original dwellers in this country?

      Right. I didn’t think so. Look in the mirror, Bob. YOU are an immigrant.

    • What this clown doesn’t know is that a lot of the illegals that have been here for years, are now relocating to Florida because the cost of living here has gone through the roof.

        • well, scott, i don’t know what truthful media network you have been listening to, but Biden never advocated for “open borders” nor has Harris.
          Sorry, buddy, you have been lied to and bought it, or you are simply lying because that’s what modern conservatives do.

    • AMEN Bob. I’m a Democrat and I say the insanity caused by this administration is destroying this country. They’re not getting my vote next time around.

  5. Thanks Bob for reminding us that there are people like you on the Island too. Listen to Fox News a lot, do you?

      • Scott– an honest news network.
        So what is that ?
        I noticed that PRESIDENT Joe Biden was in Kentucky today surveying storm damage’ It’s on virtually all the news networks except one.
        I also noticed that the local and state officials were giving the Biden administration good reviews for their handling of this anthropomorphically caused disaster.
        Guess which network does not say a word about any of it ?

        No wonder conservatives post stupid “fact sheets” that tell us things like Biden did nothing in congress, even though he sponsored more bills and got more legislation passed than Moscow Mitch. (even when comparing how many per year in office)
        Fox doesn’t even mention this claptrap by gov. Decovid. They are too busy hyping a few smash and grab thefts.

  6. Since we own property here(our home) and in Florida I’d like to publish a letter or two in the FL papers stating the level of our immigrant population here on MV and how we welcome and support our workers…both year round and in summertime when our local businesses are supported by those who come from other countries. Where can I get correct data? We are not the land of the rich and famous as so many outsiders assume!

  7. Governor Death Sentence should be preparing for his retirement.

    After all, his voter base is just dying to support him in record numbers.

  8. Some of you folks constantly conflate legal with illegal, armed with unarmed and lots of other definitions in order to support cognitive dissonance. Desantis is correct. Most of you would not like 2000 illegals storming MV.

    • Dee– “That’s what trump would do” really– then why didn’t he do it while he was in office?
      And you are advocating imposing sanctions on countries that people are fleeing from because they have nothing ?
      How will that help ?
      Would you like the Mexicans to set up machine guns and mow desperate refugees down before they get to our “Big beautiful and impenetrable wall” that they paid for ?
      How long does it take to turn a heart into stone?
      Are you putting pulverized granite in your right wing Kool aid ?

    • Andy– We have words in the English language that indicate certain things.
      Like “armed ” for instance — Most people think that means having a weapon.
      Of course, if a mob of white “patriots” decide to take a “tour” of the capitol and hug the police officers and only have knives, spears, clubs, bear spray , tasers, and are waving various flags around, they are “unarmed” because they don’t have guns.
      But if black people are demonstrating against anything, they are considered “armed” if they have shoes on. — As you have pointed out to me personally, more people are killed by hands and feet than guns…
      Right— I watched your good buddy tucker tell us all about it.

      And if we are going to start rounding people up and shipping them to other states, I am sure there are thousands of homeless people in all the big dem controlled northern cities that would love a free bus ride to Florida for the winter.
      I’m all for it– we will take Florida’s hard working immigrants , and Florida will take our homeless junkies and mentally ill people who need a warm street to live on for the winter.
      Sounds good to me.

  9. Its amazing how the left just want to destroy this country but, keep their backyards “safe” Look at blue states like NY and California and at how fast many of the rich left/politicians, Hollywood liberals are fleeing to red states. Just dont change their laws because that’s what they try to do once they move in. Send illegals back to their country and hold their country accountable for this..or hit them with sanctions. That’s what Trump would do but, he loved our country.

  10. As a resident of Florida and one-time resident of the Vineyard, I think DeSantis’ comment about relocating immigrants to MV is great. It will never happen though he makes the point that Democrats like Biden and Obama are very good at spending other people’s money and allowing men, women, and children to pour into our country…but these same people won’t do anything to make their lives uncomfortable. Dump a few Haitian families off in front of Obama’s home in Edgartown and watch how he and Michelle react.

  11. Wow just wow at these comments..
    First of all, we have more than a “few immigrants” both legal and illegal. We can’t even house the people (I mean Americans and immigrants) that live here now where would the incoming illegals live?? In a tent??

    Jeff, Dee, Scott and Bob, NO ONE wants people just running over the border at free will; the border has been an issue for DECADES, where is that darn wall that Mexico was going to pay for, you know the promise that DT made??
    You believed the orange one that was the first mistake and the second is still believing all the lies you hear on certain “new” networks and of course, still believing DT.

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