SSA declines to provide vaccination figures

The number of SSA employees who followed the vaccine mandate is not yet known. -Rich Saltzberg

A representative for the Steamship Authority declined to provide The Times with the amount of employees who’ve been vaccinated to date and the amount of those who have not. 

Thursday marked the deadline for a requisite vaccine dose for all SSA employees. Full vaccination must be accomplished for all employees by Feb. 16. SSA spokesman Sean Driscoll originally told The Times figures would be provided on Friday. However on Friday he described human resources at the ferry line as “underwater” and declined to give vaccination numbers. Instead he said figures would be provided on Monday. Driscoll noted the SSA hasn’t had to close any facilities or cancel any trips due to staff shortages. Driscoll also said the vaccine mandate, which The Times broke the news of on Tuesday, was the result of an executive session vote by the board. The mandate comes with an incentive of $500 for every full time employee who gets fully vaccinated. The dollar value of the incentive is less for part-time employees. The money for the incentives comes from the SSA’s general fund. 

Prior to the mandate, the SSA reported that about 65 percent of its 700 employees are fully vaccinated. 


  1. $500. For getting a couple of shots to protect oneself and those they come in contact with? Outrageous. I hope our ferry fares don’t increase because of this.

    • There is no free lunch.
      All costs go into the ferry fares.
      Just think where Covid would be today if the $5,400 per person in Covid stimulus checks were dependant on being vaccinated.

  2. Don’t know why they have to offer the money. They told the employees already that they had two days to get shots or be effectively fired

  3. In the real world you rely on people to take care of you.
    Doctors, nurses, policeman, fireman and septage haulers.
    Don’t forget that you take care of them too

  4. A vaccination passport for the island would make a lot of feel safer.
    Would also include employees of the SSA
    They island should also mandate the Lyme disease vaccination

    Biden should mandate the hpv vaccine for the general population

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