Cape Light Compact peddling e-bike rebates

Martha's Vineyard Times reporter Brian Dowd tries out an electric bike. — Gabrielle Mannino

Cape Light Compact will receive $496,125 in funding for a new electric bike (e-bike) rebate program for income-eligible residents on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, announced Wednesday by the Baker-Polito administration as part of a $5 million grant supporting equitable clean transportation projects across the state, according to a press release.

The funding was provided by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center’s (MassCEC) new Accelerating Clean Transportation for All (ACT4All) program and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER).

“Massachusetts remains committed to leading the way on taking climate action while also meeting the needs of our diverse communities throughout the state,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “Projects receiving funding through the ACT4All Program will put us one step closer to a transportation system that not only combats climate change but does so in a way that works for all residents.” 

Cape Light Compact’s program will work with Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard bike shops to provide point-of-sale rebates on e-bikes, with a focus on serving low-income residents. The program aims to address the mobility challenges low-income residents often face in areas where public transportation is less accessible. The compact is working with nonprofit consulting firm Vermont Energy Investment Corporation to develop the program, according to the release.

A sponsor of Mass Save, the compact is an energy-efficiency service provider, and offers Cape and Vineyard residents a competitively priced renewable power supply option through municipal aggregation. 

“The e-bike rebate program will add to the compact’s comprehensive list of customer rebates and incentives to assist Cape and Vineyard residents reduce their carbon footprint and save energy,” said compact administrator Maggie Downey. 

Bike shops on the Cape and Vineyard who are interested in participating in the program should contact Mariel Marchand at Customers interested in receiving a rebate should contact Cape Light Compact at 800-797-6699. 


  1. Interesting– I await a clear and articulate comment from Andy and various other climate deniers as to how this will increase the price of gasoline at the pump.

    • Andy– you are a believer in seasons–Congratulations on being able to understand something that is obvious to everyone by the time they are 6 years old. And also being able to pass the memory test and get all 4 seasons in the correct order. You get extra points..
      However you failed the vocabulary test.
      “Climate is the average weather in a given area over a longer period of time. A description of a climate includes information on, e.g. the average temperature in different seasons, rainfall, and sunshine.”
      Note the word seasons is used in the definition of the word “climate”
      “A season is a period of the year that is distinguished by special climate conditions.”
      note that the word climate is used within the definition of the word “season”
      They are not the same thing..
      But, I guess you think there is no climate change in equatorial areas ?
      It’s always summer at the equator after all . They do not have fall, (often referred to as “autumn”) winter or spring so by your definition they have no climate change . Do I understand you correctly ? Some places have climate change and some places don’t ?
      Not so ,Andy;

    • Andy–Once again you fail to answer my direct question.
      You have on numerous occasions implied that “green” technologies are directly causing the price of gas to increase.

      I would appreciate a logical explanation of that causal relationship.
      if it’s convincing enough, I might — might– for less than a nanosecond consider giving up my bicycle for the welfare of the general population.

    • Winter, Spring Summer and Fall are seasons not climate.
      Climate is the average weather over period of at least decade.
      The concept is not for those with a limited understanding of earth science

        • Andy– how are we to know sarcasm when it comes from you ?
          Were you being sarcastic when you said we would never have 1000 Americans die from covid ?
          When you said Tesla would be bankrupt by the end of 2019 ?
          When you wrote a letter to the editor declaring that Hillary won the 2016 election ?
          That the Vineyard one wind project would never happen?
          That masks do nothing to prevent the spread of covid?
          That it is always hot in Jakarta so it doesn’t matter if it’s 90 degrees at the north pole ?
          And scores of other ridiculous things you have said.
          Is it that every time you are wrong it is sarcasm ?
          it would be better for the rational people here trying to have a rational conversation if you just said what you mean , and quit with the games.. I for one have a hard time telling.

          • Don, Trump frequently claimed he was being “sarcastic” when he spouted garbage. For instance, when he was ridiculed for suggesting people inject bleach to fight covid, he excused it by saying it was sarcasm. I think we all know the sarcasm excuse pretty well by now. Climate deniers continue to carry on ignorantly—about the weather, about seasons— and then then claim, “just kidding”.

  2. Keller my answer is simple even though you might not understand it. Our present administration is wedded to dealing with climate change and reducing fossil fuel production when and if they can. In so doing they are promoting all manner of subsidized green instruments like wind and solar and so on. Because government is slow walking drilling lease licensing and stopping Keystone and discouraging oil and gas production, Oil Production is down and could be more and therefore prices increase. I could say more but this is the nutshell.

  3. Wrong again, Andy –as I have said before oil production is up in the U.S since Biden took office. 9.773 million barrels a day during his first full month in office, to 11.567 million barrels a day in Dec of 2021 —
    As for subsidies;
    “The International Renewable Energy Agency tracked some $634 billion in energy-sector subsidies in 2020, and found that around 70% were fossil fuel subsidies. About 20% went to renewable power generation, 6% to biofuels and just over 3% to nuclear.”
    As for permits—
    “At the end of 2021, there were 9,173 approved and available permits to drill on federal and Indian lands. Those permits include those issued under Biden and those still active from Trump’s administration and potentially before, said Josh Axelrod, of the National Resources Defense Council. Companies don’t have to immediately begin drilling as their leases last 10 years and can be extended beyond that.”

    “green” energy output is also increasing exponentially , thereby reducing demand for oil. As per our last discussion, reducing demand reduces price. We agree on econ 101 after all.
    Also, since green energy is produced and consumed domestically, it is making us more energy independent and less prone to dramatic swings in price and availability due to geopolitical events, such as your ancestorial homeland invading my ancestorial homeland.
    Both of my grandparents on my mothers side were from Ukraine, and I look a whole lot more like her than I do my father. I Identify as Ukrainian.

    • Keller oil production is down from its highest number when Trump was in charge. Yes its up from the Covid depression. When Government says budget will be 100 and then they spend 95 they say that is a cut but the 100 number was set as an increase over 80 defacto. In DC something less that budgeted is a cut even thought the budget is an increase. You are doing that with your oil production reasoning. You can cite all manner of technicalities on leases but producers are hesitant when a government is hostile to them.

      • Andy–so why if there are 9,000 “rig ready” drilling permits that oil producers are “hesitant” to use, why issue them more ?
        Are you saying that if they had 10 thousand permits they will not use, that would somehow reduce the price of oil ?
        Or are you being sarcastic ?

  4. We’re with you Don
    You have a great way of articulating ideas that many of us think about but may not speak about. Thank you

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