COVID is still here

At-home test kits like these are still available for free from town health departments. — Brian Dowd

Mask mandates have been lifted. Numbers of cases are down compared to January. But the Island boards of health want Islanders to know that COVID is still very much something that they should take seriously.

“As we move toward whatever the next phase of the pandemic is, the health agents feel that it’s important to remind people that the virus is still around, steps they should consider taking to protect themselves and their loved ones and information on OTC testing limitations,” Maura Valley, a spokesperson for the Island boards of health, wrote in an email.

The fact sheet produced by the Island boards of health, which is linked here, offers recommendations on when to take an over-the-counter (OTC) test, as well as recommendations on when to wear masks.

The fact sheet also reminds Islanders that each town’s board of health has rapid tests and high-quality masks available.


  1. Tourist season starts cranking up in two months and the Omicron mutation has been a problem elsewhere. I hope it’s not wishful thinking that all residents respect the virus the next round.

  2. The virus is here to stay, we just have to deal with it, like any other seasonal virus. If we have to mask up again, then so be it.

  3. Can we stop spreading fear and start spreading truthful and unbiased information? That would be helpful to all. Right now, people on one side refuse to listen to people on the other side and vice versa because it always becomes an attack or political motivation. As a once proud liberal, I can’t call myself that anymore becuase I felt liberal meant common sense, now to be a liberal it is far from that truth. Let’s use common sense, not politically motivated agendas.

    • Mike– I wonder what you are talking about ?
      What do you consider truthful and unbiased information?
      Do you think anything in the article or the comments here is untruthful? (at the time I am writing this, there are 4 comments)
      Do you think anything in the article or the comments here is biased or has a politically motivated agenda ?
      If so, could you point out and explain exactly which statements fit that criteria ?
      I do not see anything in the article that is not factual.
      Do you think the virus is not here ?
      Do you think the Time’s is “spreading fear” by reporting the number of cases reported by the various health agencies on the island?
      Do you think that the boards of health are “politically motivated”?
      Do you think there is a conspiracy between the boards of health , the hospital and Times and that they are lying to us about the number of cases in order to “control” us ?

      So Mike— If you think this article is spreading fear, untruthful and biased information, please correct the record and tell us what the truthful and unbiased information is.
      I will certainly read whatever you write.

    • Pay attention to virus-related news. Don’t panic, don’t ignore. I recommend erring on the cautious side.

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