Trout tourney returns


More than 100 young fishermen and fisherwomen participated in the Martha’s Vineyard Rod and Gun Club 2022 Trout Tournament on Saturday, April 9.

The event was held at Duarte’s Pond in West Tisbury for the first time in two years.

“It’s a really nice turnout. That morning was beautiful,” Lela Gilkes of Coop’s Bait & Tackle told The Times. “The fish weren’t as cooperative as they could have been.”

Gilkes said it was great to see the young people out wetting a line for the tournament after it had to be canceled in 2020 and 2021 because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. “It’s been a long time,” she said.

Wesley Wlodyka, 14, was the tournament winner for the largest trout — a 16-inch rainbow. Jax Trott, 12, caught the largest fish of any other species, reeling in a 17-inch chain pickerel.

Here are the other winners from the event:


Through 8 years old

First: Owen Emin, 4, 13 15/16-inch rainbow trout

Second: Hunter Peters, 6, 13-inch rainbow

Third: Ryder Seaton, 8, 13-inch rainbow


9-11 years old

First: Christian Fisher, 9, 14⅛-inch rainbow trout

Second: Connor Giegler, 11, 12⅞-inch rainbow trout

Third: Finn Cotting, 10, 12½-inch rainbow trout


12-14 years old

First: Francis Vincent, 14, 13⅛-inch rainbow trout

Second: Brady Vought, 12-inch rainbow trout




  1. Why are these young anglers called “fishermen and fisherwomen” , at single digit ages, yet high school age athletes, some old enough to be drafted through the Selective Service, are still “boys and girls”?
    Would it pain the MV Times to use age appropriate references?

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