Harris headed to the Vineyard

Though there is no official White House confirmation, sources tell The Times Vice President Kamala Harris will visit the Island next week. -Official White House portrait

Vice President Kamala Harris is expected to visit the Vineyard next week, according to multiple sources unable to speak on the record due to the sensitive nature of White House logistics.

While not saying who the equipment is for, Martha’s Vineyard Airport Director Geoff Freeman told The Times that a U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster is expected to touch down at the airport Friday evening to drop off “logistics equipment for a VIP.” Freeman declined to name the VIP, and referred further questions on the subject to the White House Press Office. A message left there wasn’t immediately returned Friday afternoon.

The Globemaster coming to the Vineyard’s airport is a much larger plane than the WC-130 Hercules that made an unscheduled stop in March. That WC-130, a so-called “Hurricane Hunter,” triggered a mini-scandal when restaurant patrons at the Plane View saw a vintage motorcycle being wheeled into the plane. The crew members of the plane were disciplined for the unscheduled stop they took on the Vineyard to retrieve the motorcycle. 

The Globemaster is a 174-foot-long plane, according to an Air Force webpage, with a 169-foot, 10-inch wingspan. The WC-130 is 99 feet, 4 inches in length, with a 132-foot, 6-inch wingspan.


  1. In before the backward folk start making derogatory comments about our Vice President.
    I am happy to see that a person who holds the second highest office in the country is headed to MV. I hope she enjoys her time here and doesn’t have to deal with the aforementioned members of the Dunning Kruger club during her visit.

  2. It’s wonderful that a sitting VP is visiting the island but to what end? Will she be bringing a check to MV Hospital for all the COVID work being done or will she be inspecting East Chop Drive with the Army Corps to devise a plan for remediation? If not she should visit the southern border to establish the root cause of our immigration problem.

    • “root cause”? At least she won’t wear a coat saying ” I don’t care do you”? Babies won’t be kidnapped from their parents and put in cages while mommy and daddy are sent back home. I don’t believe the present administration will spend millions on “prototypes” of concrete “border walls” that blow over and crumble in the wind

  3. Where the Jeff day resigning article though? Vh school still there and his got replaced with this.

  4. She is such a huge disappointment to all of us that will only get Trump back into the Whitehouse. What was Biden thinking? Has she done anything?

    • Mark, obviously she is not a “a huge disappointment to all”, there are many surrounding us here that are just totally thrilled the way they are running our country. Maybe the 5 corners bunch will be at the airport to welcome her?
      My GOD a U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster is coming here just to drop off “logistics equipment for a VIP.” Wonder is her and John K will be making a speech on climate control while she is here?

    • Mike, it’s obvious what Biden was thinking. I’ll probably get cancelled if I speak the truth. But Harris was selected solely based on her gender and race. Not because she deserved it. But something tells me you already knew that. I just happened to say it. Let’s see if this gets past the censors.

      • Mike– all sorts of implicit bias does not get “cancelled” here.
        You are free to speak your mind.
        But I wonder if you think any woman of color was ever qualified to be V.P? Or a supreme court nominee for that matter.
        Tell us what you really think —

        • Absolutely yes. I don’t discriminate based on gender or race. It was just a very peculiar choice and Harris has proven my point to be valid. Biden needed votes, she got them, and she got them based on her racial background and gender; and for no other reason.

          • Mike– I have been following presidential politics since “68.
            The pick of a V.P is always about getting votes that the presidential nominee may not get on his own.
            Northerner Kennedy picked southerner Johnson in 1960.
            Not because LBJ was the best candidate, but because he was popular with southern democrats.
            I mean, let’s get real– Mondale for the first time picked a woman as a running mate. it was 1984, when women were really starting to roar- It was her husband’s business dealings that really hurt the Mondale campaign.
            We apparently were not ready to accept a woman on her own terms.
            And then we had Sarah Palin.
            Care to speculate about that one ?
            The point is that V.P picks are ALWAYS about getting votes.
            Harris was certainly more qualified than Palin ( that’s my opinion) .
            But republican’s didn’t want to debate about the merits of her career. No– they focused on who she dated 25 years ago. And of course, came up with all sorts of derogatory nicknames– That’s what misogynistic bullies do–

            A final point, Mike– there are about 15 million black women in America that are constitutionally qualified to be vice president. I think there may have been a few other reasons she was picked– and a few other reasons she got the votes.

    • The Vice President’s job is to do what the President wants.
      Pence did exactly what the President wanted.
      Until he grew a backbone on J6.

  5. I really wish these politicians would stay away. Just adds more congestion and makes getting around even more difficult. Find somewhere else to vacation.

  6. Her Aunt lives across from the Obamas. Rahm Emmanuel lives just about next door to the Obamas. Valerie Jarrett lives in OB. John Kerry lives in Seven Gates. Reed Hastings (Netflix – wonder where the Obama/Meghan and Harry money originates?) lives in Edgartown as does Brian Roberts (CEO Comcast) and so it goes … the island, that is.

    • If they don’t travel with a SS detail I don’t care. It’s the disruption of those political entourages that bothers me. We all know this island is polluted with the filthy rich.

      • The rich washashores that do live here now try to get on all the island boards and commities then try to change our ways of life.
        They think they own the place, Plus they bring CV-19 with them!!
        You can clearly tell who they all are especially when they have their functions at 5 Corners in VH.

        • Woody, you could always get on all the island boards and commities and fight to keep things they way the are. Just sayin…

          • You obviously are one of those who hasn’t been around here for any length of time.
            I work better on the outside where I would not get out voted on just about everything on the table.

  7. She has done pretty much what Pence did.
    She has the advantage of having the President’s ear.
    Do you like what Pence did on J6?
    You can expect the same on the next J6.
    At the risk of a blanket statement all Trump voters are disappointed in Harris.
    Is it more disappointment than they have for Pence?

    • At least I could afford gas while Pence was vice president. At least my parents hard earned retirement accounts weren’t drained while Pence was vice president.

      • And are you suggesting that President Biden is responsible for gas prices and your retirement account? Maybe if trumpdy Dumpty had taken covid seriously and not called it a “flu” that will disappear in warm weather, and told his cult followers to drink bleach, things would be different.

      • Mike– let me paraphrase a main conservative talking point;
        “If you can’t afford something (like gas), you should get a better job, or you are too lazy to get up and go to work.”
        Pretty simple.
        And perhaps, just perhaps, if “trumpdy Dumpty” 🙂 hadn’t rolled back the CAFE (corporate average fuel economy) Standards, you might be driving a vehicle that gets twice the gas mileage of the one you are currently driving and actually would be able to afford gas.
        Some people of course, are wealthy enough to let their 300 horsepower trucks run for hours just for fun. I’m sure the kind of mentality that thinks wasting gas just because they can also thinks it does nothing to increase the demand and drive up the price, right ?
        Let me tell you, Mike, some jerks in Florida who get off on wasting energy to get a rise out of liberals have more to do with the high price of gas than Kamala Harris.
        And since there is obviously a lot of fuel of various kinds being used for her to take this trip, let’s just chalk it up to this being a “training mission”, right ? Think of all the “green” first year military and secret service people who are getting valuable training.
        just like they did when they were picking up that motorcycle.

        • Keller it wasnt a 300hp truck but a car and it wasnt in Florida but pretty close to you.

          • andy–why are you addressing me ? I said “some jerks in Florida who get off on wasting energy to get a rise out of liberals have more to do with the high price of gas than Kamala Harris.”
            How could you possibly think I was referring to you ?
            But while I have you here, let me ask you; As a self proclaimed expert on economics, do you think that jerks or idiots or whatever you want to call them wasting gas has anything to do with the price?
            I ,perhaps erroneously, have always thought that an increase in demand of any product would result in an increase in price.
            So the easiest way to generate an increase in demand would be for some wealthy jerks to spend some of their ill begotten wealth, buy a product and throw it away.
            I wonder why anyone would do that ?
            Perhaps just to feed their over inflated ego ?
            Perhaps they have some superiority complex and like to see the “underclass” suffer ?
            I would appreciate your comments on both of these questions.
            I have compassion for people like Mike Ack – He can’t afford gas anymore.
            Im sure he works hard at his low paying job, but sometimes it’s just not enough. It’s very sad…
            But if I see him hitch-hiking on his way to the foodbank, I will certainly give him a ride. I’ll even go out of my way if I have the time…
            If only the wealthy people would give us poor working people a break…

      • If your parents retirement accounts have been drained due to Biden being in office then your parents have very poorly managed retirement accounts.

    • Maybe she is trying to get as far away as possible from our southern border and the press.
      That is my guess. Just hoping she doesn’t stay until Labor Day as she has nothing to get back in DC to constructively do!

      • Woody– you have a point about the border. Perhaps Kamala could borrow that jacket from the former first lady and go there. You know, the one Melania wore that said ” I really don’t care, do u ?” when she visited the border to see all the kids in the cages.

        • Really, or even Hillary Clinton’s responce in a hearing on live TV about her role in the attack on the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya concerning the the death of four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi, “What difference does it make?”

          • Woody– Thanks for reminding us about Benghazi–
            I think we need an 11th congressional investigation into that tragic event. After all, at the time republicans only investigated this 6 times, and democrats 4 times. They only spent 3 years and $7million in total. What kind of investigating is that ?
            Now that we have the likes of Major -Failure-Scream, Lowly Bobbithead, Josh he-haw, and various other dem hating reps we could get to the bottom of it and finally lock her up.
            I’m sure the whole story is clearly laid out on Hunter Biden’s laptop. And of course, the pillow guy has all the evidence under his own personal pillow, and it will all be released very soon by the Kraken.

  8. Biden is solely responsible for the price of gas, the price of food, immigrants flowing into our country for a free ride, baby formula shortage, and for his terrible choice of KH as VP. I can only hope he stays alive for two more years and that we survive this admin. Its laughable that folks still even mention Trump at this point.
    probably the worst choice we could have made.
    take that to the gas pump.

    • 192 Republicans voted against funding for baby formula procurement, but it’s all Biden’s fault? The same Republicans voted against the infrastructure bill, knowing they’d still get their potholes filled. Cynical much?

    • Marguerite — I totally disagree with everything you say, except for your assertion that trump was “probably the worst choice we could have made.”
      I hope some respected historian is writing a book about how we got conned into electing that lying sleazebag.

  9. After reading some of the nastier comments, I just want to go wash my face and hands. Ugh.

  10. Chip– welcome to the post trump world.
    Stock up on the soap… It’s not going to get any better.

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