Dreaming of Sharky’s

Order your tried-and-true favorites online, even while lying in bed.


After a long day, I lay in my bed meditating. Actually, though, I was just thinking of what I was going to drum up for dinner. Trying to recall what was in my pantry without getting up was more of a challenge than I anticipated — so I ended up browsing the Sharky’s menu online. I love the online ordering feature. It is great for someone who has a hard time making up their mind on the spot, like me. Additionally, I don’t even have to use the phone to place my order. 

I’ve been eating Sharky’s for about 15 years now, I have to admit, and I have had just about every menu item with the exception of the ghost pepper wings. Sharky’s is consistent, delicious, and a great takeout choice any time of the year. Wait times typically remain low, and prices are “Vineyard reasonable.”

I picked out the steak and cheese flauta ($16.99) and the kids’ chicken bites and fries ($9.99). The chicken bites would be for my 10-year-old self *wink wink.* Conveniently, my credit card information was saved, and I got a confirmation email that my dinner would be ready in 15 to 20 minutes! I threw on my finest sweats and dashed out the door to pick up my order. 

I was psyched that I got to test out the new parallel parking spots on Circuit Ave. I didn’t even have to do the swoop-ty loop-y maneuver to get into the space, I just pulled my little Corolla right on in. 

The steak and cheese flauta is a crispy tortilla stuffed with strips of steak, salsa, and queso cheese. They say right on the menu the queso is addictive, and they didn’t lie. I portioned half of everything I ordered and saved the rest for leftovers the following day, but the flauta did not make it to the fridge. Not even close, it was so good. The flauta, chicken bites, and fries were all crispy, the way fried food should be. If for some reason it isn’t crispy by the time you get home, you can always pop the metal takeout tin in the oven or toaster oven. 

Ordering Sharky’s takeout from your bed is always a good idea — just don’t forget you still have to go pick it up.