Empty shell casing found at MVRHS

School officials say a shellcasing found at the high school has been investigated. — MV Times

Parents of Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School students received an email from school Principal Sara Dingledy and Superintendent Matthew D’Andrea on Tuesday notifying them about an empty shell casing found on school grounds.

“The police were notified and investigated onsite along with school administration. All staff and students were very cooperative,” the letter states. “Authorities and administration have deemed there is no threat. If any additional information becomes available, we will take the appropriate steps and notify our community as well. The safety of our students and staff are always our top concern and priority.”

 Oak Bluffs Police Lt. Nicholas Curelli told The Times that the matter has been investigated, and there is no imminent threat. Curelli declined to offer details regarding the shell casing, and instead deferred all further inquiry to the high school. “The case is closed from our perspective,” he said.

The MVRHS investigation comes as communities nationwide continue to bear witness to the fallout from the May 24 mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, which claimed the lives of 21, and injured 17 more. 

With collective tensions high, U.S. schools, many of which have in place active shooter plans, have had no choice but to acknowledge the possibility of such threats. 

A letter to Martha’s Vineyard Public School parents and community members, immediately following the Uvalde shooting, was sent by D’Andrea informing the school community of a recently introduced emergency response safety plan, per the Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines (CSTAG). CSTAG, an “evidence-based model for schools to use in conducting threat assessments of students,” said D’Andrea in the letter, involves specific training for “school counselors, administrators, and local law enforcement” for the purpose of preventing potential violence.


  1. So what? Not a bullet, no idea where it came from, not connected to a threat. Someone probably had in pocket as a souvenir or something and lost it. Just silly imo.

    • Scott- I agree with you on this one– While there is a serious problem with gun violence and mental illness in this country, there also seems to be an equal amount of unwarranted hysteria.

      Unfortunately, there is no context to this story.
      if it was found in the parking lot, that’s one thing, as it could have fallen out of a car or the back of a pickup truck of a responsible gun owner.

      If it was in the personal lunch box of the principal, and smelled strongly of gunpowder indicating it was recently discharged, that’s a different story.

  2. We have entered the age of hysteria and of inventing virtue. We are also entitled to be easily offended at anything said in any place by anyone. It is wonderful to see ostensible allies now become hostile to each other on land bank, housing,guns, pot,green turf and need for new schools.

    • andy– some people can think for themselves and form opinions based on changing conditions.
      Some people are not entirely locked into the idea that anything a certain leader or political party says is good , and all others bad.
      It’s like thinking your god is the one true god.
      Or your race is superior to all others.
      I certainly disagree with many of my liberal colleagues from time to time on a wide range of issues.
      That’s called disagreement– get it ?
      What is disgusting here is that you think it’s wonderful that “ostensible allies now become hostile to each other” . it shows your hand andy, you like divisiveness.
      So sorry, buddy, I disagree with Jackie about the land bank, but I have a wealth of respect for her. She has earned my respect, and I am sure she will continue to have it.
      You, on the other hand …

      • Yes Keller I love divisiveness amongst liberals but I thought you believe disagreement is the same as discrimination.

        • Andy — i never said that— or implied it– .
          I even took some time to explain the difference between those 2 words.
          You can lie about it, but that won’t change the facts–

  3. Where was it found. Starter’s gun for track uses blank shells. Sometimes in reloading the starter might drop a casing and miss picking it up. I know because I have done that.

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