O.B. doctor indicted in alleged kickback scheme

Dr. Darrolyn McCarroll-Lindsay of Oak Bluffs was has been charged through Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey’s office.

An Oak Bluffs doctor has been charged through Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey’s office for her alleged participation in a fraud and money-laundering scheme that reportedly bilked MassHealth for over $2 million. Dr. Darrolyn McCarroll-Lindsay of Oak Bluffs was indicted on three counts of making false Medicaid claims, one kickbacks, bribery, or rebate count, and one conspiracy count. A Methuen man and a man from Indiana were also indicted on multiple counts, as three clinical laboratories all received related indictments. 

“The defendants will be arraigned at a later date in Suffolk Superior Court,” an attorney general’s press release states. “These indictments are connected by a central defendant, Vipin Adhlakha, and the three independent clinical laboratories that he has owned, Alpha Labs, Aria Diagnostics, and Preferred Laboratory, which all submitted claims to MassHealth and MassHealth managed-care entities for urine drug testing.”

The release further states “that OSA Exports, Summit Diagnostics, and Lab USA each conspired with Adhlakha and his companies to engage in illegal kickback relationships, which resulted in thousands of claims submitted to MassHealth and its managed-care entities. Adhlakha also conspired with Dr. Darrolyn McCarroll-Lindsay to conduct urine drug testing for residential sobriety monitoring purposes at Massachusetts sober homes.”

Thomas Dalton, a spokesman for Healey, told The Times the indictments “were’t specifically related to any facility on the Vineyard.” Rather, Dalton said, Dr. McCarroll-Lindsay simply has a residence here.

Dr. McCarroll-Lindsay couldn’t be reached for comment. 


  1. I applaud Maura Healey’s office for pursuing fraud cases like this! Perhaps our health care costs wouldn’t be quite as high as they are if more people were caught and prosecuted for similar crimes. I don’t get really angry very often (although I find it happening much more lately) but people who take advantage of the system like this really do anger me.

  2. This is beginning to smell like another Annie Dookhan case.
    I doubt the rot ends at merely over billing fraud.
    I wonder how many lives have been ruined by the greed of those charged?

  3. Medicare/Medicare has always been easy scam Lax enforcement on billing codes Both unethical Hospitals & Providers abuse the system pity it’s costs all of us a lot

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