Social media post prompted arrest

Police say Brian Langhammer made this Facebook post under an assumed name to threaten officers.

A 55-year-old Vineyard Haven man was charged with threatening to kill police officers based in part on a social media post, according to a police report.

As The Times reported, Brian Langhammer was arraigned on a charge of threat to commit a crime — murder — on Wednesday in Edgartown District Court. He was ordered held in lieu of $10,000 cash bail. He was taken into custody by Tisbury and State Police on Tuesday, June 7, after a traffic stop, and brought to the hospital for evaluation.

Part of the police report is redacted, but the narrative refers to a Facebook post. “During this investigation, on June 7th, 2022, a Facebook profile that is commonly known to be used by Brian Langhammer, named ‘Brian Lingam,’ posted a photo of a pig or a boar in crosshairs of a firearm scope, with the caption: ‘Warm up those bagpipes, #Martha’sVineyard. Justice is coming.”

In this application for the criminal complaint, Det. Charles Duquette wrote: “In my training as a police officer, I know bagpipes to be symbolic of being part of police officer funerals. Furthermore, when this post references incoming ‘justice,’ I believe in my training and experience as a police officer that statements like these are indicative of actions wanted to be taken.” The narrative goes on to point out that “pig” is a derogatory term for a police officer.

According to the police report, Langhammer had been arrested in the past on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Duquette goes on to write: “I believe with the history demonstrated above [redacted in the report], the reports taken on June 6, 2022, and information developed on June 7, 2022, Brian Powers Langhammer presents a danger to others and himself by homicidal and suicidal ideations.”

Duquette filled out paperwork for Langhammer to undergo a mental health evaluation, according to the report. After his arrest, Langhammer was taken to the hospital for that evaluation. “Given the facts and circumstances surrounding Brian Langhammer’s [redacted] messages and Facebook posts, and the demonstrated likelihood of imminent violence toward police officers and others including himself, I believe in my training and experience that Brian Langhammer may be concealing written plans, manifestos, illegal weapons, materials, and intelligence that could be used to harm others and himself.” The narrative goes on to suggest Langhammer “may be concealing written plans, manifestos, illegal weapons, materials, and intelligence that could be used to harm others and himself at his residence in Tisbury.”

Langhammer appeared in court Wednesday via Zoom. Judge Paul Pino set bail at $10,000.

“You’ve given me a death sentence, thank you,” Langhammer said to the judge.

Other conditions Judge Pino set were home confinement and GPS monitoring, ostensibly if Langhammer posts bail, and no use of social media. Judge Pino also ordered a mental health evaluation. 

Tisbury Police Chief Chris Habekost told The Times Wednesday his department charged Langhammer with threat to commit a crime, specifically murder, based on one or more social media postings and other communications that he declined to reveal due to the ongoing nature of the investigation. Chief Habekost said police appear to be the target of the threat, and the Massachusetts State Police have joined the investigation.


  1. Martha’s Vineyard, Especially Vineyard Haven despertly needs gualified and dedicated police officers like Det. Dequette on board. His Honorable prior military service is a major plus!
    Thank you very much Det. Dequette for your continued service!
    I sure hope his Chief and other island departments will take notice!

    (Remember folks, See Something, Say Something!)

  2. Woody, you change your positions faster than Kevin McCarthy in the Mar-A-Lago Throne Room.
    First you praise those who expose the nefarious actions of local law enforcement, “As I have said before some of us have been begging for openness of wrong doing, abuse of power, covererups and we have tried with some success doing it on our own.”, then you go on to lick the boots to a high gloss, of the same Officer who relies on speculation, conjecture and innuendo, to lock up a person who exposes abuse of power.
    I am okay with the gratitude of Duquettes military service, but you didn’t stop there and question the speculative reasoning he bases these charges in.
    Did you question Sarah Palins same gun sight crosshairs Congressional map, or was that fine with you?

    • I actually just always bust breeze by ALL your comments, never take them serious.
      Hell, I wouldn`t trust buying a jar of honey from you. {Wink}
      You have Zero credibility but you do have some interesting backround issues published in the island news papers.

  3. Based upon the only information in the story, if this is all that the law-enforcement authorities have, then the perpetrator is going to probably be found not guilty. Based solely upon the information in the story, there is no specific evidence of criminal intent. This posting is also protected by the guy’s first amendment to freedom of speech.

    • Posting threatening posts is not protected. I’m beyond thankful for the quick action of all involved, and the proper judgement to get this person evaluated and hopefully the help they need.

      • Based upon the information in the article, it has not been clearly established or that any “true threat” at all was made to anybody. There’s only symbolism and people jumping to conclusions. Now, with that said, if the police have other information that is more specific and pertinent to the matter in question, then that is a different scenario. Thank you.

      • Who gets to decide what is a threat?
        Is posting a picture of a pig in cross hairs a threat?
        In the case of the Chief of Police of Ulavde a chicken, no cross hairs!

        • Anyone who doesn’t perceive this social media post as a direct threat to police is thinking within in a naive and irresponsible mindset. It’s obvious and if you don’t see it then shame on you.

  4. omg this is so sad. vh again with the blunders. get a life islanders. tx God ob got Searle not that he would have taken vh lol what a mess of a department

  5. So, the MV Times will publish comments here that directly attack my credibility, but refuse to publish a comment questioning the attackers credibility?
    Nice showing of impartiality from “our community newspaper”.
    I am sure there is a NEPA award for Greatest Hypocrisy of the Year.

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