Interns arrive at The Times

Natalie Aymond (left) and Anna Nesser are MV Times interns this summer. -George Brennan

Anna Nesser, a rising senior at Northeastern University, joins The Times this summer as an intern. Anna is working in the features department at The Times.

“I have been spending the summer on Martha’s Vineyard for as long as I can remember, and am so excited to become more immersed in the community through this internship,” Anna said. “One of my favorite things to do on the Island is spend time outdoors with my family, whether that be hiking, paddleboarding, or swimming. I am excited to continue these activities this summer, and bring a new journalistic perspective along with me.”

Natalie Aymond, an incoming second-year student at UC Santa Barbara, is the news intern for The Times.

“I have grown up spending time on Martha’s Vineyard in the summer, and have always enjoyed hearing and exploring the ins and outs of what is happening on the Island,” Natalie said. “I love being able to come back each season and see what parts stayed consistent and what changed over time, whether that be the opening of a restaurant in Edgartown or the spotting of another shark near shore. Working as a news intern, I am looking forward to searching out and covering these happenings, as well as having a hands-on role in sharing them with the community.”



  1. Welcome to the Times.
    Is it possible that one or both could be imbedded at 32 Water St, VH, this summer to save having to walk over every time a new lawsuit or MCAD complaint is filed?
    It could possibly save on FOI request fees if the relevant documents are more easily available.
    Especially, they should not be given days off whenever an island law enforcement officer has a birthday.


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