Double vessel rescue in Aquinnah

A TowBoat US vessel capsized while attempting to tow a boat that went aground. — MV Times

A rescue attempt off the coast of Aquinnah led to another rescue when a TowBoatUS vessel capsized trying to tow a center console named Son of Kuffie. 

According to Chilmark harbormaster Ryan Rossi, the roughly 24-feet long Son of Kuffie ran aground in an area called Dogfish Bar, a popular fishing spot off Aquinnah, on Wednesday, August 10. Since there was no immediate danger, the U.S. Coast Guard did not go to help the aground vessel. 

“Patrol boats from my department advised the captain to set anchor until high tide,” Rossi said. After setting anchor, the captain contacted TowBoatUS for its towing service. However, while attempting to tow Son of Kuffie, the TowBoatUS vessel capsized and also went aground. The towboat captain, Adam Willis, swam to the bar after the capsizing.

According to U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Briana Carter, the boat issue was taken care of before the Coast Guard crew arrived. However, Rossi told The Times a Coast Guard vessel helped get the towboat captain back to shore. Rossi said Willis was transferred to Tri-Town EMS because they suspected he might have suffered a concussion from the incident.

Rossi said once high tide arrived, Son of Kuffie, whose home port is in Vineyard Haven’s Tashmoo, was able to float away. TowBoatUS needed to send out another vessel to recover its capsized one. 

Dogfish Bar was the scene of a boat collision earlier this month.


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