Monkeypox vaccine clinic coming to the Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard Hospital has announced it will hold a monkeypox vaccine clinic. -MV Times

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital will host a monkeypox vaccination clinic on Sept. 12 from 1 to 5 pm at the drive-through vaccination tent. A second dose of the vaccine will be administered at the same location on Oct. 17, from 1 to 5 pm. To receive the two-dose inoculation, people must sign up in advance

In announcing the vaccine clinics, Marissa LeFebvre pointed out there are “no known cases of monkeypox on the Island.”

“Community members must first confirm they are eligible prior to booking an appointment,” a release states. “Due to a limited supply of the JYNNEOS vaccine, vaccination is prioritized for individuals at the highest risk of exposure to someone with monkeypox. To be eligible, individuals must:

  • live or work in Massachusetts


  • be a close contact of someone with monkeypox (this may include sexual partners, household contacts, and healthcare workers)


  • be a man who has sex with other men or is transgender or gender-diverse who has had sex with men, and in the past two weeks:
    • you have had sex with multiple partners, or group sex.
    • you have had sex at a commercial sex venue (like a sex club or bathhouse).
    • you have had sex at an event, venue, or in an area where monkeypox transmission is occurring.

Additional information about eligibility criteria is available at and”



  1. Will government officials continue ruining lives and careers by forcing them to get this shot too? Or did they learn the first time and realize that people should have a choice with what they do with their bodies.

  2. Finally someone points out how tiny the monkeypox demographic is and doesnt scare everyone. Some will want to be scared regardless.

  3. If you are eligible but immunocompromised check with your doctor if it’s okay to get this live vaccine. Live vaccines are usually contraindicated for the immunocompromised.

    • Yes, Jacki check with your doctor, very sound advice. Like who would come to a comment board to get medical advice. Just don’t understand some people but thanks for sharing.


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