Winston’s Kitchen co-owner thankful for support

Winston's Kitchen has reopened. — Eunki Seonwoo

Winston’s Kitchen in Oak Bluffs did indeed return to business on Saturday. In a Facebook post, Winston’s announced it had reopened. “Thank you to everyone that helped us get back open so quickly,” the post stated.

On Friday, co-owner Lisa Christie told The Times that a Saturday reopening was possible “if all goes well.” The return date is one week after the restaurant had to shut down from an electrical outlet fire on September 10

Christie said Best Electricians “came right away” on Monday, September 12, to look things over and began work on Tuesday, September 13. 

“We have been very fortunate that people have been able to help us so quickly this week,” Christie said.

Among those who helped, Christie listed two individuals who helped in particular. One was Clayton Sears. “Our landlord Clayton Sears has been amazing and got the ball rolling right away,” she said.

Another person she named who helped was Todd DeBettencourt, one of the Oak Bluffs firefighters who responded to the incident. “After they all left, he came back about an hour later to see if we needed help with anything, which we took him up on,” Christie said. “He is also going to do the contract work for us [on Friday], which is amazing.” 

“We don’t want to be closed any longer than we have to be,” Christie said on Friday. “We miss our customers.”


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