Edgartown select board supports Vineyard Power application

Dion Alley went before the Edgartown select board Monday for support for a Vineyard Power energy initiative. -Courtesy Dion Alley

At their Monday meeting, the Edgartown select board voted to submit a letter of support on behalf of Vineyard Power for the energy company’s Community First Partnership application.

Sponsored by Mass Save, the Community First Partnership (CFP) works with municipalities throughout the commonwealth to help implement energy efficiency via community outreach.

Vineyard Power energy transition coordinator Dion Alley told the select board that the support from CFP will help Vineyard Power’s goal in creating “an effective energy outreach program” by allowing the company access to various Mass Save programs.

The programs, Alley said, range from assisting and conducting residential energy audits and building weatherization — sealing doors and windows, or complete insulation —  to mechanics, such as new heat pumps in order to help the Island community more effectively heat their homes. 

Alley said the sponsorship will allow access to “rebates and other cost measures,” as the Island moves toward full electrification.

“There’s a lot of need for energy efficiency,” said Alan Strahler of the Vineyard sustainable energy committee, in addition to “help with the power bills that are coming up [in the winter].” He said the sustainable energy committee is in strong support of the CFP application, to assist Vineyarders during the transition to electrification. 

With board member Arthur Smadbeck absent, chair Margaret Serpa and select board member Michael Donaroma voted to authorize town administrator James Hagerty to submit a support letter. 

“If Alan supports this, I certainly do,” said Michael Donaroma. 

The Edgartown select board’s decision to submit a letter of support follows a recent promise by the Oak Bluffs select board to also express strong support for the Vineyard Power application. 


  1. To the reporter: Good story! all accurate. But one typo — I’m Alan Strahler, not Alan Stahler! Thanks in advance for the correction.

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