Beach Road Weekend post-festival meeting Nov. 3

Tisbury will hold a post-festival exploratory hearing on Beach Road Weekend on Nov. 3. — Rich Saltzberg

A forum to review this summer’s Beach Road Weekend music festival will take place at the Tisbury Senior Center on Thursday, Nov. 3, at 4:30 pm. It follows a select board meeting earlier this month where the festival received heavy praise and light criticism. Unlike the select board meeting, the Nov. 3 meeting is dedicated to just Beach Road Weekend.

Records obtained by The Times show leaders received some criticism about noise, traffic, smells, and the condition of the field after this year’s festival.


  1. Yes, “light criticism” describes the objections to pounding racket disturbing residents all day into the night for 3 days, the stench and poor trash considerations, traffic blocking people from where they needed to go, and abusing the public park meant for recreational use, not abuse. “Heavy praise” describes the business community’s love of money, money money mattering more than a concern for a residential neighborhood and it’s inhabitants.

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