Delinquent dinghies will be dealt with 

These dinghies were being evaluated for delinquency Wednesday afternoon. — Rich Saltzberg

Tisbury is hauling out its dinghy floats, a task generally made easier when dinghies aren’t attached to them. At Owen Park, dinghies must be removed for the winter by the end of the day Wednesday, according to a town announcement. At Lake Street Landing, they must be removed by Sunday. 

The consequences of not removing one’s dinghy aren’t spelled out, but in the past the harbor department has sent loitering dinghies to dinghy jail on High Point Lane



  1. They only gave Owen Park dinghies one day’s notice in an email. If Natural Resource dept enforced the dinghy sticker program throughout the season, they would know who owns the few dinghies left and contact them in plenty of time. This is the off-season and dinghies are used less frequently. Lake Street got a 5 day notice, and signs stapled on pilings. Still not enough, and again no enforcement of the dinghy sticker program. There is no dinghy jail. Enforcement remains a big issue on both dinghy docks.

  2. Does Tisbury make enough money from mooring fees to support our harbor master and underlings?
    If not, then how about notifying dinghy owners as they get permits or whatever, or even post it at the docks, beaches and harbor masters, that by 11/15 yearly, all dinghys will be removed and ultimate sold at auction or maybe a reclaiming fee would be imposed.
    Dinghys left many times are picked up by full moon high tides and or foul weather, drawn into the harbor and beyond. They become dangerous to other boats and as debris in shipping channels.

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