Mechanical issues lead to Steamship cancellations

The Martha's Vineyard is back in operation. — Sam Houghton

Updated April 5

The Steamship Authority canceled two trips Wednesday morning, the 7 am ferry to Vineyard Haven and the 8:15 ferry to Woods Hole, due to mechanical issues on the vessel Martha’s Vineyard. “Our maintenance crews are evaluating a reduction gear pressure switch on the MV,” Steamship Authority spokesperson Sean Driscoll said. 

Driscoll told The Times at 9:14 am in a text that the Martha’s Vineyard was operational again. 

Based on data shared during a Steamship Authority board meeting on Tuesday morning, this would make the number of ferry trip cancellations due to mechanical issues on the Vineyard route 37 this year.


  1. How many times has the SSA Martha’s Vineyard had to cancel in the past 5 years?
    We should have bought 6 Islanders

  2. Nothing lasts forever.
    The market value of the Islander when the SSA was done with it was less than zero.
    That is why it is still up on the semi-hard in New York.
    Do you drive a 73 year old car?
    Do you have 6 of them?

  3. utterly fascinating.
    maybe a few Right whales can make use of their own environment without the disorienting sound of creaking metal, loud motors, and blaring horns for 5 minutes. (if we can undo all the plastic netting left by fishermen from Canada to Florida that these poor creatures accumulate merely trying to LIVE.) but no big. there’s still a whole 350 of them in the world!
    i take perverse pleasure in every trip missed and every dollar lost by the a SSA that did not want to just SLOW DOWN in order to give these animals a chance on their Nantucket route.

  4. I must agree to a point with Nancy. When will the SSA question the construction on their boats and the companies that built them?
    Also what is the necessity of building bigger or larger.? We saw that for years the Islander was a strong workhorse and delivered. Now the boats break down with more money being spent on a regular basis. Just waiting for the electric boat they are talking about … ??

  5. yeah, to hell with endangered wildlife facing imminent extinction.
    curious about what happened to the “new” Oak Bluffs ferry, that was maze-like in it’s construction, with no real place for pedestrians to hang. Room for a decent amount of vehicles, it wasn’t a freight was a regular vessel but smaller.

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