164 acres set aside for conservation in Edgartown

—MV Times

The Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation will be managing a new set of land for conservation. 

Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation president Adam Moore said during a Monday afternoon Edgartown Select Board meeting that his organization was asked to receive the roughly 164-acre gift — consisting of 8 Job’s Neck Cove Road, 20 Job’s Neck Cove Road, 30 Short Point Road, and a portion of South Beach — from the Kohlberg family. 

“It protects floodplains, agricultural lands, forest land, priority habitat for rare species, and 7,200 feet of shoreline on the ocean and on the Edgartown Great Pond,” Moore said. 

Tory Fletcher from Ariadne Environmental Consulting, who attended the meeting on behalf of the Kohlbergs, said the details have been worked out, and this was a generous gift.

“It’s a spectacular piece of property, and I think very well demonstrates the Kohlbergs’ philanthropic gestures and love of the Island,” she said.

When asked by board member Michael Donaroma about public access, Moore said there would be none allowed by the foundation at this time. 

“This is a conservation restriction that is a gift to Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation, and we will monitor and overlook this going on in perpetuity,” Moore said. “However, it’s still owned privately, it’s still owned by the family, and they retain the right to allow public access if they want to or restrict it if they want to.”

Moore added that the agreement does not preclude public access in the future, so a change is possible. 

The board unanimously approved the gift. 

In other news, a group of Edgartown residents, led by Lucy Dahl, plan to rally in front of the Edgartown Town Hall on Wednesday, May 17, from noon to 1 pm. The rally is a show of opposition against plans for 81 South Water St., which some Islanders said would eliminate a vista in the area, among other concerns. 

Cape and Islands District Attorney Rob Galibois also provided updates during the meeting on his plans while in office. The contents were the same as when he first revealed these plans during the Oak Bluffs Select Board meeting earlier this month.


  1. Soo…… the family keeps ownership of property and pays no or reduced taxes? With no public access allowed, what’s the point, of course land not developed is good for environment until it is developed in the future while sitting currently at a reduced tax load. It is certainly nice for the family and lawyers to have money and friends on boards of nonprofits to help them save that money. And who pays for reduced tax rates? why of course us.

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