Holmes Hole sailing season underway

Sailors got all the weather for this Sunday's sail into the sound during the Holmes Hole sailing season. —Courtesy Holly Rodgers Wescott

Eleven boats showed up for a gorgeous Sunday afternoon sail into the sound. 

We had it all: Sun, fog, gray skies, clear blue skies, and light westerlies mixed with stronger gusts. Again, we welcomed a few rarely seen contenders, including Shannon, a Cal 33 joining us from Falmouth; we also had a mix of boats that have raced with HHSA in the past. 

Our course offered a one-mile leg of windward work and that, together with the light breeze, also mixed up the finish times in unexpected ways.  

Encore, a traditional ketch skippered by Tom Graham, relished the lack of windward work and won the race with three minutes to spare. Roger Becker’s Gloria came in second, followed by Dan Pesch’s Eider.

HHSA welcomes all monohull boats and, using a rating system based on actual finish times recorded over the years, promises competitive racing among our diverse fleet. Find out more at holmeshole.org.

Our next race is Thursday, with a 5 pm warning. Also, it’s time to sign up for the Vineyard Cup (July 7-9), which is another way for HHSA boats to compete, using the PHRF-NE rating system.