Man out on bail arrested in downtown O.B.

Pacheco in 2022, being arraigned on charges of cocaine trafficking and possession with intent to distribute fentanyl.

An Oak Bluffs man out on bail led police on a chase down Circuit Avenue Wednesday, after being issued with an arrest warrant for drug possession.

According to police, Michael Pacheco, 36, who’d been indicted recently on an open drug case, attempted to evade apprehension after recognizing the detective who had been staking him out near his Oak Bluffs apartment prior to arrest.

Police say Pacheco fled upon contact, and proceeded to lead the detective into a Circuit Avenue restaurant where a “struggle ensued” in front of dining patrons.

That struggle continued outside, where the detective attempted to place Pacheco under arrest, OBPD said in a statement Thursday. Upon calling for backup, Pacheco “broke free and ran” toward the Camp Meeting Association before the detective was ultimately able to apprehend him. 

Police say Pacheco was found to be in possession of fentanyl and cocaine, and had made statements indicating that he was preparing to distribute said drugs.

Pacheco was arraigned later by the Edgartown District Court on two counts of possession with intent to distribute; a Class A substance (fentanyl) and a Class B substance (cocaine), one count of disorderly conduct, and one count of resisting arrest.

His bail has been revoked until July 31.


  1. I think he should be remanded until all his cases have been resolved. No bail for someone like this.

  2. Before this story disappears, I want to say more than my flippant scolding of some sloppy writing. I’ve never seen a sadder, more forlorn face printed in this newspaper. A true lost soul. Somehow, being a bit out of focus makes the photo more powerful than any thousand words.

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